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Bachelor Data Science

JADS /  Den Bosch (NL)

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The Bachelor Data Science is a joint undergraduate program by Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology. The bachelor is an English taught program that teaches you to analyze and apply complex, unstructured data to provide new insights to unsolved issues faced by government, industry and society. The program is taught in Eindhoven and Tilburg so traveling is required.

Data Science aims to answer questions, such as: 'What happened?', 'Why did it happen', 'What will happen?' and 'What is the best that can happen?'.

Raw data and additional computing power are not the only two things required to be able to provide answers to such questions. The value of our BSc Data Science is enhanced by our multi-disciplinary approach that helps you acquire insights into how to transform complex data into real value for people and organizations.

This BSc is a joint program by Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology that combines the best of each university’s relevant expertise. The BCs Data Science is characterized by a varied, interdisciplinary curriculum, with courses such as: Data Mining, Data Science Ethics, Law and Data Science, Human Technology Interaction, Data Statistics and Business Analytics.

Students learn to identify trends and potential opportunities that can be applied in business, medical research, public policy and much more, whilst also considering social and ethical issues related to data science.

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