Study Program

Master's specialisation in Data Science

Radboud University /  Nijmegen (NL)

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Data plays a role in almost every scientific discipline, business and industry, and social organisations. Medical scientists sequence human genomes, astronomers generate terabytes of data per hour, marketeers analyse the online behavior of visitors of websites and online services, and the police employ data models that predict where crimes may occur. And of course, businesses like Google and Amazon are shifting user preference data to fulfil desires we do not even know we have. In this specialisation you learn how to turn data into knowledge and solutions, with the help of computers.

This specialisation is focused on research. You learn how to turn real-world data sets into tools and useful insights, with the help of software and algorithms. First, you study scientific literature in the Research Seminar. During your Research Internship, you participate in a research project in a company or a scientific group. In the Master's thesis, you carry out your own research project, under the close supervision of our expert staff. You can for example take part in the research of iCIS on topics like Machine learning, Information retrieval, Recommender systems or Privacy and law.


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