Deep Learning World

Deep Learning World /  Munich (DE)

20 June 2022 - 21 June 2022

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Mastering the deep learning toolbox.

Deep Learning World is back on stage! After two years of virtual conferences the European AI community meets again in Munich to present the successes of applied deep learning and the challenges with deep learning methods. Especially during the Corona crisis neural networks proved to be a valuable tool: to detect COVID-19 on CT images or even in voice recordings; to predict the spread of the virus; to identify people not wearing masks in the crowd; or even to model the structure of proteins and thus accelerating the development of new drugs. Deep learning nowadays is everywhere: it synthesizes media for the entertainment industry; drones use it to detect anomalies e.g. on wind turbines and; logistics apply it to predict demand and supply. At Deep Learning World Europe 2022 experts from leading-edge companies will demonstrate the power of deep learning with real-world business case studies, explain promising new methods and tools in deep dive sessions and provide an outlook on the even more exciting future of deep learning.

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