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Cloud DevOps Engineer

Samotics /  Leiden (NL)

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Job description

We are proud to say all our infrastructures are in the Cloud. Here our DevOps team plays a crucial role. We use a simple and functional methodology. Our culture combines professionalism, trust and collaboration. Besides using cutting-edge technology, continuous improvement and daily deployments are at the heart of the quality we deliver.
* Our tech stack: Python, AWS, GitHub, Jenkins, Ubuntu, Terraform, Linux, FastAPI, Flask, etc.

Your challenge

* Support and improve the cloud infrastructure-we use 20+ AWS services.
* Support and improve automation processes-mainly using Terraform and Python to manage the AWS cloud infrastructure.
* Propose, design and implement security improvements.
* Support data science pipelines.
* Support and optimize the daily deployment of new software versions.


Hi, we are Samotics! With our unique, AI-driven solution we help many of the world's largest industrial companies reduce energy waste, water pollution events and unplanned downtime. Our mission is to make industrial companies more sustainable.

We are seeking a Cloud DevOps Engineer to join our diverse team of skilled, curious and driven people. If you have a passion for working with cutting-edge technology, desire to make a significant impact in a rapidly expanding company, and aspire to accelerate your career, then Samotics is the place for you. Join us to build innovative solutions and shape the future of our industry., "One of the things that sets us apart is that we use truly modern technologies. For instance, we use the cloud in a cutting-edge way, with all of our cloud in code. This is considered the new frontier and, frankly, the future" - Bart Römgens, one of the Lead Software Engineers. Read more.


Hard skills
* 3 years of experience as a DevOps Engineer, we highly prefer people coming from a more Software Engineering background/heavy coding environment.
* Proficiency in coding in Python or another major programming language.
* Experience building and improving high-quality CI/CD processes using e.g. Jenkins.
* Solid experience with the AWS suite of services or similar (e.g. Azure, GCP).
* If you are an SRE/Backend Engineer with strong Python skills, who wants to become a DevOps Engineer, we could also discuss the possibilities.

Soft skills
* Demonstrated ability to design excellent solutions, using technology in a creative and neat way.
* Ability to work in a fast-paced environment where production deployments take place multiple times a day.
* Keen on experimenting with and implementing new technologies.
* Truly owning the job, and the responsibilities that come with it-taking initiative and demonstrating sound judgment.
* Highly collaborative, with open communication.

Conditions and benefits

* Competitive salary, holidays, and benefits package (pension scheme, parental leave...).
* Remote, hybrid and office working opportunities.
* On-site meals, snacks and drinks.
* Company events: from pub quizzes to chess tournaments and wine tastings, there's always something fun happening at our company.
* Enrolment in our Stock Appreciation Rights (SAR) scheme, allowing you to benefit from a potential exit event.
* In line with our mission, our office is made with 90% recycled material. It is also at a three-minute walk from Leiden Central train station.

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