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Data Scientist NLP /  Amsterdam (NL)

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Job description

We are looking for an experienced and driven Data Scientist to join our team. Your main focus will be in creating data collection plans, measuring results, doing analysis using various evaluation metrics, and building/training high-quality prediction systems integrated with our products, according to our product strategy., * Applying various AI techniques and statistical analysis to generate, extract and validate data.
* Define and build systems to analyze both structured and unstructured data sets to generate insights for problems that Natural Language Processing techniques can solve.
* Build and prototype Natural Language Processing pipelines to provide results at scale.
* Contribute to defining and testing our products in the broadest sense possible, including testing for AI bias, transparency, and reliability.
* Work closely with both our engineering and data science teams to drive product releases.


At we are building AI-powered image recognition technologies that are reshaping the retail world. We're on a mission to help fashion brands win in the digital era, by automating e-commerce processes and enabling them to meet their customers' needs better.

Over the past 2 years, we've grown from a local startup to a company with global reach, working with international brands like Otrium, PVH and Miinto. The AI-enabled future of e-commerce is here, will you help us shape it?

Company Culture

We are a team of passionate individuals committed to building AI technology that can automate the boring stuff. We believe that AI can enable people in the workforce to do what they do best: imagining a long-term vision for the future, developing plans to get there, and being creative.

We are a creative, diverse and empowering group of people. We're tech geeks, fashionista's and design lovers - all under one roof. In everything we do, we believe that there's only one way to move forward: together. Collaboration is the key to our success. We're a distributed, yet connected team, with offices in Štip and Amsterdam.

Each and every team member has a huge opportunity to make a big impact, and together, we support each other in every area of the company to achieve it.

Our job suits you? Then we look forward to your application!

If you have any questions, or you would like to learn more about the opportunity or our company please contact our People and Culture Specialist:

Ivana Sazdovska


* Experience in working with Python.
* Knowledge in relational databases (bonus for Postgres)
* Knowledge of foundational big data processing and analytics, including structured and unstructured data.
* Experience with Linux/Unix platforms.
* You have an understanding of product functionality and requirements. (Functional and non-functional requirements.)
* Bachelor's degree in data science, computer science, statistics, or other related field of study.
* Knowledge in algorithms and data structures.
* Hands-on experience with deep learning architectures and frameworks such as TensorFlow or PyTorch.
* At least 1 year hands-on experience developing models with the Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques and approaches, and statistical machine learning.
* Team player and comfortable working in a team environment.
* You have strong willingness to learn and improve.

Conditions and benefits

* Competitive remuneration package.
* Personal Development and Educational programs and training to deepen your knowledge and broaden your competence.
* Leadership training program.
* The chance to advance and grow your career.
* The ability to have a great impact and shape the future in eCommerce.
* The opportunity to work in a highly-dynamic environment with the latest technologies and with AI.
* Flexibility to work from home or remotely from anywhere in the world!
* Exciting and engaged work atmosphere with fun team events, gatherings and snacks at the office.
* Company Laptop.
* Great Referral Bonus Program.
* Fitkit monthly subscription.
* Working with a supportive team that values your contributions.


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