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Tiledmedia /  Rotterdam (NL)

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Job description

As a developer, you will join the expert team that is developing the high-performance software stack on which the company is founded. As there are many topics to work on, your exact assignment will be determined based on mutual interests. Some topics:
* Develop a testing platform to test end-user mobile device performance and detect possible regressions and new issues.
* Extend our online high-performance cloud-based platform on Azure, Alibaba, AWS, and Google.
* Implement a custom high-performance video and audio decoder stack based on ExoPlayer for Android
* Develop a web portal for distributing and managing updates of our product to our customers.

What do we offer?

In a motivating learning environment, you will be given the opportunity to rise to the challenge of selling world-class (VR) video streaming. This will be an opportunity for professional and personal development guided by enthusiastic colleagues and experts in the industry. Furthermore, you can expect a traineeship compensation of €350/month. On top of that, we offer you excellent coffee and a daily provided lunch shared with your colleagues.


As a Tiledmedia intern for the development department, you are filled with creative ideas and eager to take part in a dynamic and innovative company process. You want to do your part in making something revolutionary. We are looking for someone who:
* Has a University background in either Computer Science or another relevant technical education and an affinity with VR.
* Able to work 5 days a week for at least 6 months (start date is flexible).
* Excellent communicative skills and mastery of the English language.
* Solid problem-solving skills and experience in working in a team.
* A background in C, C++, Java, Objective-C(++), Swift and/or Golang.

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