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Spectral /  Amsterdam (NL)

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Job description

Spectral, a systems integration and smart energy services company in Amsterdam, is looking for a full-time DevOps Engineer. Are you interested in bringing your talent and enthusiasm to help drive the energy transition? If so, we can offer the opportunity to be a part of a game-changing team, Smart Grid Platform, working on high-performance microgrids, smart building applications, energy control systems and other tech solutions to drive the energy transition., Spectral is seeking a talented DevOps Engineer to join the Smart Grid Platform team. In collaboration with the broader technical team, the role will involve working on: infrastructure management, infrastructure as code, disaster recovery, operations (incl. performance, scaling, monitoring, etc.), tooling, deployment, networking, and security.

Our infrastructure stack:
* Google Cloud Platform, including:

1. GKE
2. Secret Manager
3. Cloud Storage
4. VPC
5. Compute Instances
6. SQL

* Keycloak
* PostgreSQL
* Influx DB
* GitLab Pipelines
* Kubernetes
* Prometheus
* Grafana
* Containerd
* RabbitMQ
* Terraform
* Ansible
* OpenVPN
* Wireguard

The development teams primarily work with Go, C# and Python
* Your day to day activities will be to participate in our daily meetings to synchronize with our team.
* You'll have to handle the creation of new pipelines as the need for those arise with new services developed, and you'll have to maintain the current ones.
* As we handle most of our infrastructure through code (Ansible/Terraform/Helm), you'll be tasked with maintaining the existing ones, as well as create new repositories when needed.
* You will have to interact with other software teams, as there are components in place that are used across Spectral.


Spectral develops technical solutions that help propel the evolution of smart energy networks. We are involved across the whole grid, whether it's a community, building, energy farm, neighborhood, or all simultaneously! Some areas we focus on include: improving asset efficiency, unlocking the value of energy storage, facilitating demand flexibility, and locally produced renewable energy. All to propel the evolution of smart energy networks and accelerate the global transition toward a 100% renewable, clean energy supply.

We believe that one of the most urgent issues is to solve the challenges of providing for our energy needs in a sustainable way. You can find out more about Spectral's mission here., Spectral develops technological solutions that unlock the value of energy storage, demand flexibility, and locally produced renewable energy, propelling the evolution of smart energy networks.Our website


You should be passionate about supporting software teams and software products by building out and maintaining high-quality infrastructure, processes, and automated solutions. You must have high attention to detail, apply critical thinking to problem-solving and be able to view systems and processes at abstract levels without having to dig into the details (though once in the details, you also need to be comfortable).

You should have a high degree of familiarity with infrastructure and devops technologies and processes and understand the tradeoffs between taking different approaches to solve problems in this space.

You should be highly motivated to join us on our mission and contribute your skills and efforts to solving the complex challenges related to the energy transition.

* 5+ years of relevant professional work experience
* Exposure to a wide range of infrastructure and operational technologies and processes
* Operational experience with a complex production system
* Experience with distributed systems
* Familiarity with CICD practices
* Fluent in English

* Containerization experience - particularly Docker and Kubernetes
* Experience with ML Ops
* Familiarity with Google Cloud, Azure, or AWS
* Experience working with networks
* Practical experience with VPNs, Spectral is a multicultural and ambitious entrepreneurial team working together to change the world for the better, using innovative software. The business is growing fast, and we have the privilege of working with front-running clients and partners on innovative and impactful projects., We are a friendly and energetic team of 65+ professionals (20+ nationalities), with different ranges of experience and educational backgrounds. Some of the benefits of joining us are a competitive salary, 28 days of holidays, an individual development budget, flexible working hours and a game room for chess, table tennis and foosball. You will have space for your own ideas and personal development within a close-knit international team that celebrates successes together.

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