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DevOps Engineer

Storyteq /  Amsterdam (NL)

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Job description

As our DevOps engineer, you are the main driver of improving our development environments, workflows around automated testing and CI/CD, and you are in charge of managing and improving our GCP based infrastructure.

The product development team currently consists out of 16 members and is expected to grow significantly towards the end of the year.

You will be involved in different projects to ensure easy setup of Docker based development environments, expand our pipelines in GitLab and optimise ease of use and cost for our K8s based infrastructure.

Our platform is built on modern technologies like Vue.js, Node.js, and Laravel. For testing we use Jest, Cypress and PHPUnit. We work with VMs and Kubernetes Engine on Google Cloud Platform and run GitLab for CI/CD. You will join a highly skilled team of developers (and designers) who enjoy a technical challenge and care about maximising product value and user experience.

Your main responsibilities:
* Make our Docker based local development environments dead simple to use
* Expand our testing and deployment pipelines on GitLab
* Manage our projects(s) on Google Cloud Platform and look for opportunities to reduce cost or improve performance
* Move more and more towards infrastructure as code
* Keep improving things to work towards continuous deployment
* Guide developers and create a scalable approach around running services locally
* Contribute to a great engineering culture with a focus on scalability, * To start with, our internal recruiter Sam will contact you to find out more about you and your work history
* Then you will have an introductory talk with our CTO, Badr Eddial. He will focus on the team fit and your general knowledge. This round will be conducted via Google Meets. If this round is successful, you will have another interview with our Head of Product (Kristof) and a lead developer to dive deeper into your experience and ensure a good fit.
* Finally, if all seems good, we will finalise your offer and send it out to you!


Storyteq is a Creative Automation platform that empowers digital creative leads, marketing managers, and top global agencies to scale creative production by using the power of unique templating to build, customize, and distribute digital creative assets in bulk.

We believe creativity takes time, but creative production shouldn't. Since 2016 our mission has been to revolutionize the way creative assets are created. Magic happens when we let technology empower creativity in this way.

Our endless curiosity and relentless commitment to our customers lies at the heart of our approach to solving problems. This common mission is weaved into our values: we take risks (be bold), thrive on change (move fast), and lead with trust (stay familiar).


Besides fun to work with, you...
* Are autonomous, believe in automation and know how to remove barriers for others
* Have lots of experience with Docker, K8S, GitLab or similar technologies
* Have at least 3 years of intensive experience in working with Google Cloud Platform or one of its competitors
* Have looked at YAML files longer than the inside of your eyelids
* Have a good enough understanding of automated testing
* Have a good enough understanding of coding and building products in general
* Lead from the front and are ready to roll up your sleeves to help your team be more effective in any possible way
* Have a passion for automating things
* Care deeply about the product you are building
* Don't shy away from a challenge

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