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Machine Learning Scientist

Aidence /  Amsterdam (NL)

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Job description

The technology department covers a number of disciplines from data science to product development, including testing and platform automation. The Model Development team is in charge of developing and validating all the models that sit at the core of our products, including those to detect and segment nodules in CT scans of the lung. To grow our portfolio and to improve existing models, we are looking to bring additional machine learning and computer vision power to the team.

As a Machine Learning Scientist in a multidisciplinary team you get the chance to positively impact patient care by creating relevant and safe medical imaging applications. Your core responsibilities are:
* Extract insights from complex (imaging) data through exploration and visualization
* Perform analyses on scan and annotation data to ensure high data quality and collaborate closely with our in-house medical and annotator tooling teams
* Design and implement state-of-the-art deep learning models and computer vision algorithms
* Perform statistical analyses in the context of clinical performance studies
* Work with medical and regulatory experts to collect model and data requirements
* Work in a structured way to coordinate specs, development workflows and test cases to comply with Quality Assurance (QA) standards for CE and FDA certification
* Collaborate with the full team to make strategic recommendations and improvements to the technology and business, * A take-home assignment followed by a half-day session in which: 1. We will go over your assignment. 2. We will have a more general discussion on theoretical and practical data science topics. 3. You will have a final interview with our Chief Technology Officer.


At Aidence, we rally 60+ of the brightest data scientists, software engineers, medical, regulatory, and commercial experts, all driven by the purpose of drastically improving medical diagnostics using AI.

Aidence is part of RadNet's Artificial Intelligence division. In almost six years of activity, we built a solid track record of deployments and gained the trust of physicians who recognise the problem we are solving for them. Our solution, focusing on early lung cancer diagnosis, is currently used in screening programmes and routine clinical practice across Europe and is pending FDA approval.

We have become the strong company we are today because our team represents a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds. We believe that our differences complement each other and, by actively promoting inclusion at all levels throughout our organisation, we offer equal chances to everyone.


Are you a team player, humble, energetic, and passionate about our mission? Do you want to be part of a fast-growing scale-up that is making a difference in healthcare?, * Ability to rapidly learn from and contribute to the learning of others
* Apply great and creative problem-solving skills
* Strong analytics mindset
* Drive and determination to continually choose appropriate metrics/error measures and evaluation strategy
* Ability to work independently and be self-driven
* Ability to structure your work effectively
* Not afraid of working inside a strong regulatory framework and disciplined about complex testing needs
* Ability to make well-reasoned trade-offs between velocity and quality, understanding when to work for higher quality and when to optimize for time-to-market, * 3+ years of working experience in a similar role
* Ability to write efficient implementations of appropriate data structures and algorithms for exploratory data analyses as well as scripts for automating common tasks (python, bash, visualization libraries etc.)
* Understanding of statistical concepts and the principles behind computer vision and machine learning, and familiarity with relevant libraries (numpy, pandas, opencv, tensorflow, pytorch, scikit-learn, etc.)
* Demonstrable experience with modern computer vision techniques and different deep learning architectures (for example CNNs, ResNets, GANs, etc.)
* Python development skills (3+ years of experience)
* Experience working in an Agile environment
* Fluent in English, * Practical experience in the medical imaging domain
* Awareness of advances in the academic field
* Knowledge around ever-evolving ecosystem of ML tools and libraries
* Experience in creating computer vision ML pipelines
* University - quantitative discipline (e.g. Computer Science, Mathematics, AI, etc.)

Conditions and benefits

* Salary range: 70-100€k
* Remote-first - you can work from the Netherlands (full-time) or work remotely worldwide (using local entity arrangements like We only ask that you come over 4 times a year for our Quarterly Company offsites.
* 25 vacation days (on a full-time basis)
* Lots of autonomy, lots of responsibility.
* Very smart, passionate colleagues.
* A modern technology stack. You will use Google Cloud Platform with a strong preference for cloud-native and serverless.

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