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Modern Workplace Engineer

Samotics /  Leiden (NL)

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Job description

This role is ideal for an ambitious modern workplace engineer, who wants to take charge of the systems and key applications that make up our workplace, and ensure that everything keeps running smoothly and securely as we scale up. We have a modern cloud-based infrastructure. As you will be the first modern workplace engineer on our team, you will have the chance to leave your mark on how we get to do our jobs. You must enjoy having this level of responsibility.
What you will do
Your goal is to deliver the optimal workplace for your colleagues. You will design, implement and configure changes and/or introduce new technologies to our workplace. You will be a first-line contact person for our users.


Passionate about solving the problem of unplanned downtime and industrial energy waste, Samotics uses AI-driven electrical signature analysis to create smart solutions that increase asset productivity and reduce energy waste while saving customers' time and money. Our product, SAM4, leverages machine learning algorithms and IoT sensors to detect upcoming failures in critical industrial assets up to months in advance. But SAM4 does more than just prevent unplanned downtime. It also enables the world's largest and most successful industrial companies to significantly reduce energy waste, with our mission to reduce global energy consumption by 10%! We are a growing, energetic company where professionalism, a great atmosphere, and cutting-edge technology go hand in hand. Our team in Leiden, the Netherlands currently has 70 people and continues to grow.


* A bachelor's degree (HBO or WO) in a field related to information systems
* Experience in managing a fleet of endpoint devices - our fleet consists of laptops (mostly Windows and Linux), but also the usual collection of mobile devices
* Experience with Intune, Azure AD, Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace
* Strong communication skills - you like working with people (almost) as much as you like working with computers
* Fluency in English - many of our colleagues have an international background, so English is our preferred language

Conditions and benefits

* A competitive salary
* Flexibility to work from home in combination with working from the company office
* A brand-new, custom designed office (with 90% recycled materials) at a three-minute walk from Leiden Central Station
* Daily fresh lunches and healthy snacks when working in the office
* Generous parental leave
* A fun and professional company culture based on the principle of freedom and responsibility
* Company events
* The chance to work on cutting-edge technology that has the potential to reduce global energy consumption by 10%

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