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Promaton /  Amsterdam (NL)

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* Be part of our fast-growing team focused on delivering state-of-the-art web-based solutions involving visualization, annotation and editing of 3D meshes and medical images.
* Build front ends that are used by thousands of medical professionals to improve real patients' smiles
* Define and implement tools for 3D visualization and annotation management that boost our AI teams
* Define code architecture that helps us scale and optimize for various use cases
* Enable powerful functionality with the latest technologies, while maintaining a great user experience
* Work in a mature remote-work culture (no pointless meetings, empowered autonomy), Photo
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The team focuses on creating powerful applications and tools that will bring our AI to medical users and help improve our model's performance. We create specialized 3D visualization and editing tools that improve the workflow of both medical professionals and our ML researchers. The team is expanding, and we are looking for flexible front-end engineers with an affinity for 3D, a strong user focus, and a problem-solving mindset., * 5+ years of experience in building production-grade web applications
* Experience with Typescript and React
* Experience with 3D graphics
* Great English communication skills
* Able to drive, evaluate and discuss architecture decisions
* User focus, able to deliver high quality UX
* Familiar with engineering best practices
* Pragmatic and action-oriented
* Team player
* Based in Europe, in a time zone between UTC-1 and UTC+3 (-2 to +2 hours Amsterdam time), * Experience or understanding of backend engineering
* Experience in the medical domain
* Experience with testing frameworks
* Interest in AI
* Ability to fly to Amsterdam for company events 4 times a year (1 week per quarter)

Conditions and benefits

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