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Senior AI Processor Architect

Grai Matters Lab /  Eindhoven (NL)

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Artificial Intelligence as close to natural as it gets. AI that feels alive. We deliver brain-inspired chips that behave like humans. AI that makes machines assisting humans act, and react, in real time. AI that optimizes energy and maximizes efficiency, saving time, money, and vital natural resources.
GrAI Matter Labs is looking for a talented Senior AI Processor Architect to help us shape the next generation of our GrAI Core Architecture and its pre- and post-processing peripherals (such as image processing, FFT, IFFT...). As a Senior Core Architect you will own the specifications of one or more components of our core architecture. You will analyse the performance of our processors for selected applications, and propose, quantify and specify architectural features and optimisations to improve the performance, cost and power consumption of our next generation GrAI Core.
You are expected to play a key role in innovation, working with partners on benchmarking and optimizing architectural features to match the needs of the application and efficiently mapping and prototyping them on the company's architecture, as well as adapting such concepts to work in production-grade systems.
Our ideal architect is creative, curious, knowledgeable, and not afraid to get their hands dirty by helping the hardware and tools teams with implementation tasks when necessary. The right candidate knows how to find solutions that are both theoretically sound and provide the best cost-performance trade-offs, while also considering all the practical constraints created by the development process.
As part of the architecture team your main responsibilities are:
+ to carry out analysis of the performance and cost of the existing core architecture;
+ to propose and evaluate new architectural features in collaboration with the other members of the architecture team;
+ to draft and own specifications of features in the next generations of the GrAI Core;
+ to provide guidance and assistance to hardware and tools engineers;
+ to contribute to the long-term technological direction of the company.
You will be working on exciting and emerging topics, finding new techniques and silicon technologies to exploit sparsity and event-driven processing of neural networks to enable new applications on the Edge.


+ Master or PhD in Electrical engineering, Computer Engineering or Computer Science;
+ 5+ years of experience in designing chips and hardware;
+ Excellent theoretical knowledge and practical experience in computer architecture and hardware design, including network-on-chip, datapath, memory hierarchy;
+ Excellent skills and experience as a hardware designer;
+ Knowledge of VLSI process technology and backend is a big plus;
+ Knowledge of compilers, simulators and other software development tools is a plus.
+ Knowledge of machine learning, deep learning and AI applications is a plus.

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