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Senior Dev Ops Engineer

Overstory /  Amsterdam (NL)

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Job description

We are looking for a Senior Devops Engineer who is a creative, but pragmatic, problem-solver. You'll spend most of your time working autonomously or within a small team, building and improving our cloud-based infrastructure. This work will involve the continued development of our infra-as-code cloud technology, maintaining our Kubernetes, Dask, and other computation clusters, supporting our AI-technology stack, and making sure out cloud infrastructure is scalable and up to date. You will have responsibility for your own projects, and we'll expect you to take initiative to help us improve overall.


We're always looking to diversify our team further, but we're proud of the fact that four out of the six people on our leadership team are female or non-white males, 38% of the overall team identifies as female and 25% of the team are people of color. Eight nationalities are represented in our team, and we speak eight languages: English, Dutch, French, Italian, Indonesian, Portuguese, Cantonese and Russian.


* You have at least 4 years of experience as a DevOps, or Infrastructure Engineer.
* You have advanced experience in container based technologies (Kubernetes, Docker) and Parallel execution engines (Dagster, Argo, Airflow, Dask)
* You have experience and enjoy mentoring engineers., * You are familiar with data pipelines, event queues (e.g. through use of RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ, or Redis), and AI-ops processes (e.g. CICD for machine learning)
* Familiar with the Pangeo stack (Primarily Jupyter Hub, Dask, Xarray, Zarr, and HDF5 file formats), * You are creative and curious.
* You are pragmatic, you know when a simple solution is sufficient or when new model development is required.
* Your work is thorough and you pay attention to both the small details and the larger picture.
* Teamwork is at your core, and you like to help others grow and succeed.

Conditions and benefits

* Generous stock options and competitive salary.
* To be a part of truly mission-driven work that reduces wildfires, protects earth's natural resources, and reverses climate change.
* Flexible working environment with a lot of autonomy. We build our work days around our lives, not the other way around.
* The chance to build something from scratch and put your mark on it. Creating a product that solves real climate-related problems - one that is fast and a joy to use - is the exciting opportunity.
* To be surrounded by an excellent, vibrant, smart team who have each other's back and believe in a culture of openness, tolerance, and respect.

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