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Senior Developer

WE4SEA /  Rotterdam (NL)

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Job description

* A work-environment without bureaucracy: you can improve the software quickly.
* The ability to work from home partially (though we think our office in is pretty cool).
* A spot in our team that consists of software engineers and naval architects.


We4Sea ( is a scale-up located in the heart of Rotterdam, making the shipping industry more fuel-efficient. Our SAAS-product allows maritime companies to monitor the performance of their fleet in order to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.


* Has 5+ years of experience developing Python web apps.
* Has used multiple Python web-app frameworks and understands the trade-offs between them.
* Knows how to get more performance out of a piece of code that is I/O-bound.
* Has a couple of years of experience using AWS and/or k8s.
* Has used mongodb and relational Dbs in commercial projects.
* Has also programmed in other languages and has developed a wider view of the software-development landscape.
* Stays up-to-date with industry trends.
* Is fun to work with

Conditions and benefits

* Write good clean Python for new functionality.
* Evolve existing code to your high standards, one little commit at a time.
* Do frontend-work every now and then, our team is full-stack.
* Maintain our gitlab-pipelines so that they remain quick.
* You understand how important it is to be able to ship (see what I did there?) quickly.
* Keep an eye on our AWS deployment along with the devops-team. After all, you know that using AWS in a clever way can save us lots of time.

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