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Senior Full Stack Developer

Storyteq /  Amsterdam (NL)

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Job description

As a full stack developer in the product development team, your main responsibility is to build out and scale up our Creative Automation Platform. Our platform is built on modern technologies like Vue.js, Node.js, and Lavarel. You will join a highly skilled team of developers (and designers) who enjoy a technical challenge and care about maximizing product value and user experience. The team works in sprints where tasks are always a combination of roadmap features and the team's own input.

If you have ambitions to move towards technical leadership, this is a great position to start. We expect the team to grow rapidly in the coming months/years. This growth will provide lots of opportunities to extend your responsibilities and take leadership.

Your main responsibilities:
* Building new platform features in our Vue.js front-end and Lavarel or Node.js back-end
* Building new features for our state-of-the-art Vue.js.-based Template Builder
* Working on our After Effects extension and rendering pipeline
* Taking our testing workflows to the next level
* Scaling up our code architecture and infrastructure


Besides fun to work with, you...
* Are a master of the JavaScript ecosystem
* Have experience with Vue.js or other front-end frameworks
* Have experience with Node.js or Laravel
* Are familiar with testing and rely on it on a daily basis
* Have affinity with rendering technologies (like ffmpeg)
* Have a deep understanding of APIs
* Have experience with setting up infrastructure to host applications
* Like solving complicated problems in a simple way
* Care deeply about the product you are building
* Don't shy away from a challenge
* Are a team player

Conditions and benefits

* Apply by clicking the button below. The more you share about yourself and the reason you apply at Storyteq, the better!
* To start with, our recruiter Sam will contact you to find out more about you and your work history
* Then you will have an introductory talk with our CTO, Badr Elial. He will focus on the team fit and your general knowledge. This round will be conducted via Google Meets. If this round is successful, you will have another interview with a Badr and another team member of the product development team to dive deeper into your experience and ensure a good fit.
* After that, you will receive a take-home assignment which you will test your coding skills.
* Finally, if all seems good, we will finalize your offer and send it out to you!

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