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Senior Python IoT Engineer

Samotics /  Leiden (NL)

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Job description

Core areas you will work on as a Senior Python IoT Engineer:
* Support and improve the company's edge deployment process
* Support and improve edge applications, running on Ubuntu Core and built with Python
* Propose, design, and implement security improvements
* Support and improve data ingestion pipelines
* Perform and improve fleet management
* Add support for new edge devices
* Support and optimize the routine deployment of new software versions

How we work

The development team uses its own simple, practical, and functional methodology, allowing you to fully focus on software engineering without having to switch tasks. You will work based on the principle of freedom and responsibility. We take pride in combining professionalism, trust, and very few meetings.

The development team

The software engineering team currently consists of 17 experienced developers working on a large architecture covering a wide domain, from signal processing on our edge devices through dashboarding for different user groups. Continuous improvement and daily deployments are at the heart of the high level of quality we deliver.

Tech stack

Since we work on cutting-edge technology, we use an up-to-date stack:
* Python to orchestrate our infrastructure
* Ubuntu Core - a secure edge operating system
* AWS - we're using a broad range of AWS services (20+).
* Terraform - our entire cloud is built with Infrastructure as Code
* The team prefers to use Linux distributions for their development environments, * Network Engineer / IoT: a specialist in (IoT) fleet management and maintaining devices running a linux operating system, * A brand-new, tailor-made office (with 90% recycled materials) at walking distance from Leiden Central Station
* Daily fresh lunches and healthy snacks when working in the office
* The chance to work on cutting-edge technology that affects industry worldwide
* A high-performing software engineering team
* A fun and professional company culture based on the principle of freedom and responsibility


"One of the things that sets us apart is that we use truly modern technologies. For instance, we use the cloud in a cutting-edge way, with all of our cloud in code. This is considered the new frontier and, frankly, the future" - Bart Römgens, one of the Lead Software Engineers at Samotics
About Samotics

Passionate about solving the problem of unplanned downtime, Samotics uses AI-driven electrical waveform analysis to create smart predictive maintenance solutions that increase productivity while saving customers' time and money. We serve customers such as Vopak, Schiphol, Nouryon and ArcelorMittal. Our product, SAM4, leverages machine learning algorithms and IoT sensors to detect upcoming failures in critical industrial assets up to months in advance. But SAM4 does more than just prevent unplanned downtime. It also enables the world's largest and most successful industrial companies to significantly reduce energy waste.

We are a growing, energetic company where professionalism, a great atmosphere, and cutting-edge technology go hand in hand. Our team in Leiden, the Netherlands currently has 50 people and continues to grow.


The Edge Devices Team is looking for a high-performing software engineer to continue improving our Industrial Internet of Things, cloud infrastructure and automation processes, as well as optimize our ingestion pipeline. We are looking for a mid- to senior software engineer--typically we find that 3 years of full time experience are a minimum to hit the ground running. If you have less experience but are a high-performing and high-potential (junior) software engineer, we would still love to get to know you and discuss a junior role on the team. If you have (much) more experience, we are equally excited to meet you and will be able to discuss a more senior role. In both cases, please apply for our best-in-class software engineer vacancy (junior or senior)., * Proficiency in coding in Python or another major programming language
* Experience building and improving high-quality IoT solutions
* Solid experience with the AWS suite of services or similar (e.g. Azure, GCP)

* Demonstrated ability to design excellent solutions, by using available technology in a creative and elegant way
* Ability to work in fast-paced environment where production deployments take place multiple times a day
* Keen on experimenting with and implementing new technologies
* Truly owning the job, and the responsibilities that come with it--taking initiative and demonstrating sound judgment, * DevOps / CI/CD: a specialist in CI/CD, with solid experience in DevOps, combined with AWS experience (preferred) or similar (Azure, GCP). Excellent coding skills, preferably in Python
* Back-end Development: An experienced backend software engineer with excellent coding skills preferably in Python, as well as AWS knowledge (preferred) or similar, combined with up to date knowledge on security
* Site reliability engineer (SRE): with proficiency in coding in Python, * A competitive salary
* Ability to work partly remote
* Ability to work at least 32 hours a week

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