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Senior Technical Architect & Technical Architect (Anywhere within India)

Chargebee /  Amsterdam (NL)

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Job description

Role: Senior Technical Architect / Technical Architect - 10+ years of experience

As Chargebee's business and customer base grow, we need to build a platform that deals with the complexity of numbers & types of services growing exponentially while data continues to originate from multiple sources and increasingly gets distributed across the globe. To provide the best experience, we are building a platform that works effortlessly and enables our users to deliver features to customers with high velocity.

We need a technology leader who

+ Thinks out-of-the-box when it comes to deriving innovative & efficient solutions to complex problems. + Likes to articulate vision in-depth while inviting critics for positive technical debates & discussions.

+ Can communicate and evangelize large impactful initiatives across the organization.

+ Enables engineering teams to do their best work.

+ Of the many ways available to balance the simple and the easy, know how to choose the correct one.


1. Collaborate and derive technical vision for the platform initiatives.

2. Articulate problem statements, identify user stories, document functional and non-functional requirements.

3. Drive system design using standard practices & patterns viz. domain driven design and hexagonal architecture.

4. Proactively set up reviews for design and code. Provide guidance to engineering teams during implementation and deployment.

5. Build strong relations with partner organizations to align technical effort with market & customer needs.

6. Clearly communicate architectural and design decisions to all stakeholders.

7. Collaborate with multiple internal and external teams to execute the technical vision.


Pub-Sub technologies - AWS SQS/SNS/Kinesis, Kafka, NATS, Event Mesh, Distributed Tracing, Health Monitoring, and Observability, Java or Go, Spring framework or Gokit

Good to have:

Datadog/Prometheus, Kubernetes, AWS ECS/ Fargate

Chargebee might be the opportunity you're looking for

* If you're interested in how subscription businesses can get more efficient.
* If you're hungry to give and receive feedback, fully understanding that challenging perspectives are the only way that you can grow.
* If you can bring empathy to problem solving.

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