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Job description

Spectral is seeking a talented Software Developer to join our core team. The role will involve working on overall software architecture and collaborating with the broader team across various applications and services. Activities will involve: development of the back-end and database layers (including data modeling, ORM implementation, and database optimization), building communication interfaces, data analytics and algorithm development, and integration with third-party systems.

The tech stack:
* Python
* Postgres
* TimescaleDB
* gRPC & Protobuf
* GitLab Pipelines
* Google Cloud Platform
* Kubernetes
* Docker
* RabbitMQ
* Vue.js, Javascript, HTML, CSS, The smart building platform is mainly developed in Python using various frameworks including Tornado, FastAPI, and gRPC. Data is drawn from multiple sources including the metering company's API, from the on-site sub-meters (using industry-standard protocols) and from external APIs (e.g. for weather data). Much of this data is stored in a TimescaleDB time-series database. Data visualizations and other UI elements are implemented in JavaScript-based libraries to deliver secure, permission-based content for different user roles (e.g. board member, property manager, tenant) including a tailored dashboard for each user type.

Sophisticated algorithms extract business intelligence and recommendations for energy savings, peak shaving, etc. Our solution provides sophisticated building portfolio analysis, including the ability to apply advanced data filtering and display or compare (aggregated) data for multiple locations. The reporting module gives full flexibility with regards to the selected data and templating. The smart building platform enables automatic control of the building management system (using communications protocols such as BACnet) to optimize energy efficiency whilst providing a comfortable climate for the building tenants.

Example developer tasks related to the platform might be to devise and implement a new alert to detect sub-optimal processes running within the building, to develop a new library to interact with an external API, or to optimize system performance via analysis and enhancement of the database and ORM layers.


Spectral develops technological solutions that unlock the value of energy storage, demand flexibility, and locally produced renewable energy, propelling the evolution of smart energy networks.Our website


Do you have experience in software development and want to help drive the energy transition? Spectral, a system integration and smart energy services company in Amsterdam, is looking for a full-time Software Developer to join the existing development team. If you can bring talent and enthusiasm, we can offer the opportunity to be a part of a game-changing team working on the control module for our smart buildings platform., You are passionate about applying technology to find optimal solutions and capable of adaptively working with different programming languages, protocols, and frameworks. You must have high attention to detail and be a proactive problem solver. You should be highly motivated to join us on our mission and contribute your skills and efforts to solving the complex challenges related to the energy transition., * 3+ years' relevant professional work experience
* A high level programming language, this role will primarily involve Python
* Relational databases, SQL, & ORMs
* Automated testing
* Distributed version control (e.g. Git)
* Application and API design experience
* Experience with distributed systems
* Fluent in English

We know it's a long shot but if you have any experience with Building Management Systems (BMS) or automated control. We would be particularly keen to hear from you.

Conditions and benefits

An awesome, multicultural, and very ambitious entrepreneurial team and the chance to change the world for the better using innovative software! The business is growing fast, and we have the privilege of working with front-running clients and partners on innovative and impactful projects.

This challenging opportunity will put you in an ambitious, international team, with space for your own ideas and for your personal development within a close-knit team that celebrates successes together.

No unnecessary hierarchy, but a team of like-minded individuals that are committed to making a lasting change in the energy landscape. You will be offered a competitive salary. We've got perks like free fruit, organic lunches at the office twice a week, fun weekly drinks, and many more.

We are committed to be a workplace where we can all be ourselves. For us, that means celebrating and promoting diversity. We work hard on creating an inclusive culture where all candidates feel welcome.

The start date is flexible, but you could begin immediately.

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