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Qblox /  Delft (NL)

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Qblox is looking for a software engineer to help us build a control stack for an industrial-scale quantum computer. These quantum control stacks generate the analog signals needed for the control and readout of quantum bits. Before a high-level and hardware-agnostic quantum algorithm can be executed on a quantum processor, it needs to be compiled to a quantum assembly language that is hardware dependent. In your role as software engineer, you will extend the framework - Quantify - that allows experimentalists to upload and execute quantum algorithms on our electronics and software stack. You would also help in setting up the CI/CD pipeline. You will work closely with a team of experienced software and hardware engineers.


Qblox is the main control-hardware supplier for the Quantum Internet Alliance (QIA), working with several partners throughout Europe (i.e., QuTech in Delft, ICFO in Barcelona, and the University of Innsbruck). Within the Qblox software team, you would be the main responsible for Quantify development for QIA, and work closely together with our partners., At Qblox we celebrate equality and diversity. We're striving to build a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, cultures, perspectives, experiences, and skills. If you are to join us, you can expect:
* An international, interdisciplinary team of high-skilled physicists, engineers, designers and scientists with an open working culture
* A high-curiosity, high-performance and invigorating team dynamic
* Flexible working hours: hybrid working options and travel allowance for commute
* 30 days annual leave and holiday allowance
* Company-sponsored retreats and Friday lunches
* Modern, open office with proximity to QuTech facilities, shared with Delft-based quantum startups
* Competitive compensation and participation plan
* Opportunities for international travel for conferences, partnerships and customer visits

With a dedicated team of scientists, engineers and developers we are pushing quantum technology to support experimentalists worldwide with our scalable and low-latency qubit control and readout equipment (from ultrastable DC to 18.5 GHz, for academic and industrial quantum labs). In addition to scalable control hardware, we have created state-of-the-art control software - Quantify, an open-source python framework that can be used to control quantum computers and experimental setups.

We are a spin-out from QuTech (a collaboration between Delft University of Technology and TNO) based in Delft, a historical city in The Netherlands located between The Hague and Rotterdam. You will join a highly-skilled and motivated team. We are shaping the future and have a lot of fun while doing so!


We are looking for a software engineer with 3+ years of experience working in a professional R&D environment using:
* Python
* C/C++
* Linux

Rather than perhaps exactly meeting these requirements, you are self-propelling and have a good feeling for what to do when - obviously including asking for help. At this stage of building the software team, we do specifically look for candidates with background in physics or knowledge of quantum computing.

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