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SOWISO /  Amsterdam (NL)

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You like to stay up to date on the latest technologies and best practices and see our transition to a new and modern stack as a chance to do it right. When you write code, you like it to be readable, reusable, well documented, unit-tested, and type-safe. You can review work from others and help us maintain high standards. Since we store sensitive information from our end users, you like to follow security best practices like using the OWASP top 10 to ensure all attack vectors are covered and the development process results in the safest code possible. Although you're not a DevOps engineer, you have set up environments before and know how things work in production., * An e-learning software that helps students learn and stay motivated, written in PHP, MySQL, jQuery and Bootstrap
* A planned Laravel backend in the shape of a REST+JSON API that more and more endpoints will transition to over time
* An up-and-coming rewrite of our frontend in React with TypeScript, MUI and React Query, that will step-by-step replace the existing one
* We use Linux (some Mac) both on our laptops and our servers. Locally we use Vagrant or Docker.


We are SOWISO, a fast-growing EdTech company from Amsterdam. We have developed a learning environment for STEM and accompanying digital courses that is shaking up the online education sector. We have a friendly international team and English is the lingua franca. Our workplace is welcoming and provides a healthy work-life balance. The new and spacious office where we are located has just completed construction and offers free coffee, cold drinks and fruits, as well as a small restaurant. It is located 10 minutes by foot from Amsterdam Science Park station, but apart from weekly our in-person "tech team day" you are free to work from home.

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