Data Science Traineeship

Aurai /  Amsterdam (NL)

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During the first eight weeks we will introduce you to our way of working with big data. You will get eight weeks of intensive training, led by a senior Data Scientist and a team of teachers, at our office in Amsterdam. The purpose of this training is to prepare you for your first assignment as a Data Scientist and improve your skills and qualifications in data science.

At Aurai, we focus on an entrepreneurial mindset, personal development, consultancy skills and deep technological understanding. You will learn all aspects of data science and get enough attention by working in groups of eight (or less) under guidance of several specialists.

We focus on machine learning, working in Python, dataset development and data visualization. Furthermore, the traineeship contains weekly guest lectures to get you acquainted with the field of Data Science. After four weeks of training you will start working on an actual business project, provided by one of our partners. This will give you the opportunity to put your skills into practice immediately. Just eight weeks after the start of the training you will deliver a first prototype for your business project. After the two months of training you will work on one or more assignments at one of our partners. 

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