Machine Learning Engineering Traineeship

Aurai /  Amsterdam (NL)

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As Junior Machine Learning Engineer you are responsible for implementing data science models. You want to make an impact and are aware that, besides data science skills, data engineering skills are necessary for results. From data exploring and modeling to data pipeline development, the creation of a production environment and knowledge of the cloud, you will need it all when working as a Machine Learning Engineer.

In the first eight weeks of this traineeship you will get intensive training, given by seniors and a team of trainers at our office in Amsterdam.

Every week has a theme where theory and practice connect perfectly. You will develop your knowledge in: Docker, Kubernetes, Machine Learning algorithms, data versioning, Jira, performance tuning and security and monitoring. With the result that you are able to develop a Machine Learning application.

After the weeks of training you will start working on an actual business case, provided by one of our partners. This will give you the opportunity to put your skills into practice and will prepare you for the next step, namely: working on one of more assignments at our partners as Junior Machine Learning Engineer. Think of important organizations like PostNL, Athlon, Van de Bron and government agencies like municipality The Hague. 


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