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Young Professional DevOps Engineer

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Job description

The program is aimed at graduates and young professionals that are interested in learning all the necessary skills needed to start a career as a DevOps engineer. It contains in-depth training sessions related to cloud content, automation, infra-as-code, DevOps, and soft skills. You will work in a simulated customer environment to build cloud foundations, test migration approaches, build application stacks, and more.

After the first three months, you immediately join an existing DevOps team and start working on real-world environments. Your first assignment will be with Itility Cloud Control (ICC), where you will put your freshly learned skills into practice for customers such as Marel, ASML, Signify, and Ampleon.

At Itility we always keep learning and developing ourselves. The next steps in your career might possibly include: cloud architect, consultant, product owner, and lead engineer.


At Itility we believe in merging technology and data to drive our customers one step beyond. Itility digital consultants are experts in data, cloud, software, and IT infrastructure.

Our culture can be described as 'no-nonsense, with passion'. Working at Itility is about working with people, staying close to our customers.

We work for large enterprises and innovative startups. Acting as the 'digital twin' of customers, we work shoulder-to-shoulder to exceed business goals and push the boundaries of what you thought was possible.

Do you like to go above and beyond? Do you want to work with passion for what you do, in a team of people fueled by the same passion?, * Are a graduate with a bachelor's or master's degree in IT in system administration or any other IT Infrastructure related study. Or, you are an IT infrastructure engineer who wants to boost your career
* Believe that when you work in IT, you need to keep learning
* Are excited to join an innovative and fast-growing company
* Have a 'Work hard, play hard' way of working
* Enjoy LAN games, meaning you will feel right at home


You have a maximum of two years of working experience and believe in continuously developing yourself. Furthermore, you, At Itility, we believe that gender, race, sexual orientation, age, or ethnicity do not define you or your value as a team member. Your ambition, your passion, your drive toward continuous growth, and your willingness to work together with colleagues and customers makes you valuable. Itility supports an inclusive environment where employees feel empowered to share their experiences, ideas, and knowledge.

Conditions and benefits

You will have the opportunity to develop in the best way possible, under the personal guidance of the rest of the team.

In addition to a competitive salary, you will receive extras such as*:

*From the start of the customer project you will receive a car/mobility allowance and an expense allowance.

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