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Data Science Foundation Study Circle

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27 January 2023 - 21 April 2023

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On Friday 27th of January we are kicking off with the first cohort of the Data Science Foundation Study Circle. This study circle is for beginners - which means that we will start from scratch.

A study circle is NOT a course or a class. It’s a learning collaboration between its members - supervised by a mentor. This means that we are all going to read or watch the same articles and tutorials and we’ll discuss the content together in the study circle. Questions will be answered by either the mentor or by other members of the circle.

Every study circle is following a specific ‘roadmap’. Here is the roadmap that will lead us through this track: . We will discuss 2-3 topics (yellow boxes) every week.

Want to learn Data Science from scratch with the support of a mentor and a collaborative learning community? Join for free here:

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