AI against Oil Spills

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14 August 2022 - 24 October 2022

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Applying AI to detect oil spills before they cause damage to the environment

Despite the decreasing number of accidental oil spills in European waters, major accidental oil tanker spills still occur regularly. Large (i.e. greater than 7 tonnes) accidental oil spills account for about 10-15% of all oil that enters the ocean every year. More oil leaks into inland waterways in smaller but more frequent accidents on rivers and in ports.

Once detected, these spills are cleaned up by government agencies and specialists, using specially designed tools and vessels. Cleaning up oil spills is a costly affair, but the sooner a spill is detected, the easier it is to clean and the less it impacts the environment. Finding methods to decrease the response time to oil spills is therefore crucial to mitigating their impact.

FruitPunch AI has teamed up with Rijkswaterstaat, in charge of the management of the main infrastructure facilities in the Netherlands, to figure out how to use satellite data and drone images to detect oil spills before they get dangerous to the environment.

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