AI & ASI Expo 2021

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10 March 2021

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If machine brains one day come to surpass human brains in general intelligence, what will be next. The role of Artificial Intelligence techniques and tools in business and the global economy is a hot topic. Artificial Intelligence / machine intelligence enhances the productivity of the businesses and the quality of life in their communities. A single day does not go by without a news and article reporting some remarkable development in artificial intelligence. Today, as no global business survives without using the internet, email, or smart devices. In the upcoming time, no business will survive without AI tools and techniques in their day-to-day process. To maintain a leadership position in the economic sectors, there is need to build an AI- ready culture in the business.

 “The global artificial intelligence (AI) market size was USD 20.67 Billion in 2018 is projected to reach USD 202.57 Billion by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 33.1% during the forecast period” (Fortune Business Insight). Nowadays, companies are struggling to figure out what types of AI applications and how much they need to invest in AI for the growth of their businesses.

With the amazing progress made in the field of AI over the last decade, it is the most important than ever to make sure that the technology that we are developing has a beneficial impact on humanity. In this regard, Artificial Superintelligence [ASI] marks the beginning of a new era. “ASI’s aim is to capture enough of the computationally functional properties of the human brain to enable the resultant emulation to perform intellectual work” (Nick Bostrom). We should consider and discuss role of ASI in economic sectors as well, that is one of humanity’s greatest challenges in future. Will super-human machines be good or bad for humanity?, while no one can predict what superintelligence will look like, we can take measures today to increase likelihood that intelligent systems we build are effective, ethical and elevate human goals and values positively.

This conference will focus on the latest and exciting innovations in all areas of Artificial Intelligence and the functionalities that Artificial Superintelligence could develop.

Here is a bit flavor of topics to be covered:

  • How to develop an Enterprise AI Strategy
  • How to design AI Powered Products and Services for human benefits
  • Need to build ethical and responsible AI Technologies
  • How to ensure robust implementation, integration and deployment of AI technologies
  • AI Applications in Business
  • From scripted automation to superhuman intelligence
  • Cognitive Superpowers
  • Functional capabilities of different levels of artificial intelligence and artificial superintelligence
  • AI and ASI Strategy Framework
  • Are super machines threat to humanity
  • Human-level machine intelligence – super human level machine intelligence

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