ML Conference 2021

S&S Media Group / online

21 June 2021 - 23 June 2021

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Understand your data
Making sense of your data is becoming key for every modern predictive business. At ML Conference you will develop a deep understanding of your data, as well as of the latest tools and technologies.

Optimise your models
Learn from seasoned experts which methods, libraries, services, models and algorithms to use and, crucially, hear their war stories of training cutting edge machine learning algorithms.

Enhance your business
Make machine learning central to your business model: join ML Conference to gain key knowledge and skills for this new era of data driven business.

  • Machine Learning Advanced Development track

The track “Machine Learning Advanced Development” is about getting to know the software architecture of Machine Learning systems as practically as possible. It is about the peculiarities of Machine Learning systems that developers should pay attention to, as well as the challenges of data-centered software architectures per se. Experts from leading companies and universities present solutions and provide best practices.

  • Machine Learning Business & Strategy

Systems for Machine Learning are structured differently than conventional software systems. Developers and software architects have to rethink their approaches and break new ground. The basis for this is a deep understanding of the potential of machine learning and what added value it can generate for your company. In the track “Business & Strategy”, experts present the basics of Machine Learning systems on the basis of practical examples and make clear what is possible and what may not yet be possible.

  • Machine Learning Tools & Principles

Machine Learning also comes with a myriad of tools and frameworks whose use not only simplifies Machine Learning, but often makes it possible for business use in the first place. Experts provide insights into tools such as TensorFlow, cognitive cloud services and APIs for Java, C# and JavaScript.

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