Deep Learning for Industrial Robotic Applications

Fizyr /  Delft (NL)

Fizyr is currently looking for bright and talented master students who are willing to carry on research and development in deep learning and computer vision, for a MSc thesis project or internship of at least 6 months. Fizyr has a pool of experienced deep learning engineers who can provide support both on pure development and practical implementation.

Autonomous camera calibration

Camera calibration is a crucial step for many vision-based applications. It involves three stages: intrinsic calibration, linking RGB and stereo camera, and extrinsic calibration. At the moment, a calibration involves moving a standard calibration plate manually to different positions in the frame of camera. This has been a norm for several years. We, at Fizyr, would like to go one step further by automating this process. The student is invited to explore the existing algorithm and propose new interesting directions. Ultimately, the challenge is to calibrate any camera (or pair of cameras) with same or better accuracy as the existing methods with minimal manual interventions.

Preferred skills

  • Programming experience with Python and/or C++;
  • Knowledge of Machine Learning and Computer Vision;
  • Basic knowledge of Linux.

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