Finding the best treatment for COVID-19 ICU patients

Pacmed / Amsterdam (NL)

Since the start of the corona crisis, Pacmed has been involved in a very exciting project for the Dutch Association of Intensivists (NVIC) under coordination of the Amsterdam UMC. The aim of the project is to find the optimal treatment strategy for COVID-19 patients in ICU by using machine learning techniques. Insights and algorithms are developed based on the data from all COVID-19 patients treated in one of the Dutch ICU’s. The database contains data of around 32 hospitals and more hospitals are added every week.

Medical expertise is crucial in each of our projects to make the translation from clinical problems into algorithms and software solutions. High quality data is the basis of each of those solutions. In order to generate insights from the data, a structured process is used to map all the parameters in the data to a standardized Pacmed database and develop definitions for various parameters derived from the data. This important task is crucial and needs medical expertise to interpret the raw data and make the right decisions.

We are looking for an experienced intern to extend our medical team for at least 3 months. As an intern at Pacmed you directly contribute to this project, in line with Pacmed's mission: making healthcare more personal and precise with advanced machine learning and statistics. As an intern, you will be responsible for mapping medical data to the database and interpreting other medical data. You will work in close collaboration with our medical team consisting of 4 Pacmed MD’s with extensive experience and the Technical Team consisting of data scientists and engineers. This gives you the opportunity to contribute to a very relevant topic and at the same time experience working in an environment where we work on medical AI problems and apply novel machine learning techniques.

We are looking for interns with a medical background, experience in working with data and good problem solving skills. You should be able to get up to speed quickly and work closely together with the medical team and data scientists.

This internship offers a unique opportunity to work on results that impact the treatment of COVID-19 patients.


The ideal candidate for this position is:

  • A MD or medical student with at least experience in working in hospital departments 
  • Working experience in an Intensive Care Unit is a pre
  • Applies a structured approach to solving problems
  • Is able to apply 80/20 in his/her way of working to focus on the most important topics
  • Experienced in working with data in spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets
  • Experience in working with R or Python is a pre
  • Comfortable with working remotely and independently
  • Driven by a societal purpose and excited about improving health care
  • Enthusiastic about working in a dynamic scale-up environment 
  • Dutch and English speaking
  • Preferably available as per August 1st for at least 3 months (full time) with the option to extend it

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