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AMS - Software Engineer

Connecterra / Amsterdam (NL)

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Job description

* Manage base station software stack
* Optimise for power, memory, and speed efficiency while continuing to miniaturise the physical dimensions of the physical device.
* Manage & update configuration across all aspects
* Troubleshoot & root-cause - logging & alerting, The Connecterra Engineering and Tech Team is at the core of our company. We keep all systems running and build powerful housing for our AI to grow and learn. Most importantly, we are a key component in the company's strategic development. We have a mix of various technologies and languages in our hardware stack, the most important ones being C++ and Python. You will have a say in setting the direction of evolving our technology stack, just come prepared with solid arguments.


Connecterra is a diverse team of pioneers working to solve one of the hardest challenges the planet faces today: Agriculture Efficiency. We are the proud inventors of Ida, a digital assistant for farmers that uses data and machine learning to help support farmers and their stakeholders improve farm efficiency.

Ida has demonstrated that she can help improve productivity by over 20% and is growing rapidly.. Learn more about Ida here.

Headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, we operate in 18 countries globally. Check out our press coverage and Ida growth track record., *Connecterra exists to give people a previously impossible understanding of the world around them so they can make more productive, humane and sustainable use of natural resources.

Socially conscious - Our guiding principle is disruption for positive change.
*Everybody at Connecterra has a strong belief in technology as a force for good.
*We will act responsibly and collaboratively.
*We will always use AI to support human endeavour, not usurp it.
*We believe that together, people, nature and machines can answer the big questions facing our planet.

Fearless - We celebrate our outsider status as technologists.
*We're radical thinkers who engineer ingenious new solutions to long-standing human problems.
*We're unafraid to question assumptions, confound expectations and forge unprecedented partnerships to make the unknowable, known.


We seek only the best & brightest who have a hunger to excel in their craft and will make a positive & unique addition to our culture and team. Your attitude and commitment to working as a part of this team to come up with new ideas, solve problems and deliver results is what matters most to us.

Our team is highly motivated, engaging, fun and supportive. We work as a team but hold each other accountable to our responsibilities.

We offer you a platform to do the best work of your life, be involved with an interesting product and part of a unique, diverse and collaborative environment, your genuine desire to be an integral part of our mission means a lot to us., * You have a Bachelor's, Master's, or equivalent in Computer Science
* Proficient in C++, python
* Understanding of cloud computing
* Experience with large-scale distributed systems, networking, and related software infrastructure
* Strong communication and interpersonal skills
* Impressive experience in performance analysis/debugging techniques using gdb and other debuggers
* Deep knowledge of operating systems, Unix as well as basic scripting in bash
* Experienced with computer architecture, including performance analysis of system resources (i.e. Memory, Disk, CPU, Network, etc.)
* Other skills that are advantageous but not a requirement: knowledge of embedded systems, knowledge of basic database systems (Postgres/SQL)

You are also:
* A self-starter / self-motivator who doesn't require micromanagement
* Flexible and a multitasker
* Able to keep a cool head and open to working in a start-up environment

Conditions and benefits

Every day we work hard on making the world a better place, thus the happiness and well-being of our team members is important to us. We currently offer the following:

* A diverse, open minded and creative working environment where all are welcome.
* Competitive package
* Car subsidy or lease option (details TBC)
* Flexible working hours and vacation policy - we trust you and your time is yours to own. Work in an environment and on a schedule that suits you and your team best & enjoy unlimited holiday days
* Quarterly company-wide Selfie Day - take a day on us to relax, do what you need to do to stay mentally healthy!
* The opportunity to play a vital role in an exciting start-up - we welcome your voice & input

As we grow as a company this list will also grow.

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