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Are you looking for a once in a lifetime opportunity to launch your career at a young, ambitious tech company that is ready to scale? A start-up that already works for big companies who's services you might already use (Just Eat Takeaway, Parknow, VanMoof and Crisp)? Do you like the challenge of immediately adding value and create awesome data processing pipelines that process millions of records into insights that our customers use to save and make money?

Then you are the one the Actuals team is looking for!

We are looking for a data- and tech-savvy, highly curious data engineer, who wants to kickstart his/her career in a highly dynamic company, where every day is slightly different, but continuously exiting. Our core focus always remains the same: the delivery of a state-of-the-art platform that needs love and care, as well as giving the same level of attention to our clients.

We know we are building up something special, with lots of areas to grow into. So don't hesitate or worry about being able to grasp everything from the get-go. It's our mission is to help you get started, to help you learn and accelerate your personal development.

Your typical working day consists of implementing and maintaining the data infrastructure for our clients, while keeping them up to date on progress and delivery.

Once the data is collected via APIs and other streaming methods, you can also show your analytical skills and knowledge on how to deal with and understand millions of rows of financial data. Occasionally, you will be searching for the needle in a haystack and your proactive attitude will help you come up with smart solutions that help you match all transactional data from many different sources., That's very well possible, since we have been working under the radar for more than 4 years, building a highly reliable and certified Transaction Assurance Platform, while banking on the philosophy that quality comes before speed.

We have developed this platform together with our fast growing clients and our mission is to radically change the way Finance, Control & Audit professionals think and work: build continuous trust on a transactional level.

Our DNA? We value:

* Individuals and Interactions over processes and tools
* Working Software over comprehensive documentation
* Customer Collaboration over contract negotiation
* Responding to Change over clinging to existing plans (too much)
* Accuracy is key always ask why, no assumptions

You can find us in Amsterdam, where we share a brand new office with Digital Power. Because of COVID-19 we currently work from home.

We have started the Actuals journey in 2016 and currently our team consists out of 5 dedicated professionals (in various fields) and go-getters.. We already store huge amounts of data as, since our start, we have processed and validated over 10 billion transactions. Pretty crazy stuff, right?

Interested? Send your resume and motivation to Peter!

As a Certified Public Accountant, Peter believed that the finance & control function within companies should be made easier, more fun and more accurate. As our founder and Managing Director he is more than happy to share the vision and ideas behind our platform with you.


We are looking for a team member / player, who thrives in a dynamic and informal environment, who likes to represent us and communicate with clients in calls and via email, is accurate, patient and a self-starter, but who, not in the last place, is lots fun to hang around with!
* Basic skills in MySQL
* Basic skills in database structures
* Basic skills in programming languages and eagerness to learn new ones
* AWS knowledge is nice to have
* Fluent in Dutch is a mandatory requirement for this position

Conditions and benefits

* Competitive salary for a starter or someone with 1-2 year working experience
* Competitive pension contribution
* Competitive number of vacation days
* Contract for 32 to 40 hours per week
* Yearly education budget for training, webinars and conferences
* Chance to become part of an experienced team, that is ready to scale up further
* Office space in Amsterdam, but with the option to work from basically anywhere

Application procedure

Call us at +31(0)20 2269093
Send an e-mail to
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