Job opening

Data Engineer

Dataworkz /  Utrecht (NL)

Dataworkz is looking for Data Engineers.

We consult on all things data. Data Science. Data Engineering and Machine Learning. 

Do you want to work for a company where you can get all the personal attention you need to thrive? 

We are around 20 people so we have the luxury to give you all the personal attention you need to grow. So we don't need HR plans or demotivating performance reviews. We'll talk to each other all the time. So you are updated on everything in data land. And can be inspired by your colleagues and the other way around. 

Are you looking for a great data project?

We know you personally, we know our clients, and the clients know Dataworkz. With this personal approach we'll find a project at a great client that fits what you can and what you want.

Are you looking for a culture of continuous learning? 

We want to be the best when it comes to all things data. And do everything for you so you can grow. At Codecamps, at international conferences, at our meetups and at workshops. Do you have an innovative open source idea? We'll book a holiday house for you and your team and find the client that wants to run your solution.

Are you a Data Engineer?

At Dataworkz we learn from each other. Which means we are at the same time experts in two or three core competencies in our are of expertise, but able to work and understand all relevant aspects side aspects. I guess that's what the marktet calls T-shaped :-)

Our Data Engineers love Data Processing (for example with Spark) or Orchestration (Airflow anyone?) but are also have a serious understanding with regards to Infrastructure (Some are in love with Kubernetes).

What we all share of course is our passion for good code, our ability to understand complex data and all the new opportunities the cloud offers. 

We are looking for new colleagues that want to get inspired? Do you?

If you want to know more, please check out our Dataworkz website. Get in touch and we'll talk asap.