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Job description

You'll be a part of a ground-breaking innovation team. This implies that you are not just there to develop solutions, but also to design them. In projects, you also evaluate system scalability and the technological roadmap. You're not alone, of course. We operate in small teams using SCRUM, with participation from all needed specializations, such as AI, data engineering, cloud deployment, UX design, mobile, and project management. As a data scientist (as opposed to a machine learning engineer), you're usually concerned with getting the right models and components to communicate


Job activity

* The core business of the Intelligence team at is developing or improving machine and deep learning solutions. You will work on this on a daily basis. In contrast with our AI Engineers, you will focus more on the models themselves (vs deployment, packaging and data pipelining);
* We use state-of-the-art technology and, as such, carefully follow developments in the field of neural networks. We often also use other Machine Learning algorithms (e.g. XGBoost), but consider Regex or Elastic Search where necessary;
* You need to know what's possible: follow up new papers, industry frameworks etc. for practical applicability while building next-generation personalization solutions;
* Experience in building out recommender systems or working on vision (deep learning) applications is very welcome, interest in doing so a requirement;
* Depending on your seniority, as an experienced Data Scientist, you also coach less experienced people in the team.


With more than 30 specialists, we empower fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands to understand their customers' behaviours, develop personalisation solutions and create interactive digital experiences. With Data Science, Machine and Deep Learning, 3D visualisation, Interaction Design and business strategy, we make sure our clients become digital frontrunners. We accelerate digital personalisation.


For our eyewear recommender solution, for example, we use deep learning to extract facial features such as the shape of your eyebrows using a combination of deep learning modules, computer vision, existing libraries and cloud APIs. Consequently, we match customer facial features to eyewear characteristics from a fashion styling perspective for personalised advice. The recommended eyewear is presented in an interactive try-on environment (with a learning loop) to navigate a relevant collection so customers can find the desired frame.

Conditions and benefits

* Flexible start times, you can start between 08.00 am, and 09.00 am;
* Learning is part of your responsibilities, and you can spend 10% of your working time on personal development. This includes certifications, courses and conference visits;
* A generous allowance for health insurance and a pension contribution;
* Free company lunch & unlimited fruit;
* Being a somewhat smaller company, you can have an outsized impact on our future;
* An international working environment in which innovative and state of the art solutions are realised in the field of Artificial Intelligence and 3D Visualisation.

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