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DevOps Engineer - Amsterdam

ascode / Amsterdam (NL)

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Your probably currently known as one of the following


Your work ethic is based on 'high quality standard', in everything you do. You have Cloud Native combined with security in your DNA. You appreciate and work well under a 'take work' mentality, aka not requiring a boss to tell you what to do every day. You own what you pick up, and you get shit done. You are innovative, and you are not scared to fail. You can take a punch, but also deliver one. You possess some form of a sense of humour. Your as happy writing code as you are spending at least part of your time helping customers understand their options when moving to or building new in the public cloud. You are able to quickly learn new technologies, and share your skills with your colleagues. You have probably made contributions to open source projects, been involved in a tech related community, written/blogged about your experiences or you've been up on the stage at a conference or two.

As we are based in Amsterdam, and are primarily dealing with a customer base in the greater Amsterdam area, it's appropriate that you also live in the area. You should also be pretty good with your English.

As a final note, if you consider yourself 'senior' then you will have at least read John Allspaw's blog post on Kitchen Soap, 'On Being a Senior Engineer'. And you will understand that being an 'expert' at Kubernetes or Docker or anything else does not automatically make you 'senior'., * Experience with at least one flavour of public cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure) - designing, building and supporting cloud solutions for customers.
* Terraform, and you know how to code it.
* Docker, Kubernetes, Git, and about 10 other things…
* A scripting language (python, bash, powershell)
* Configuration management (Chef, Ansible, Puppet)
* Understanding of monitoring and logging concept
* Experience with one flavour of monitoring tools (Datadog, Prometheus, New Relic)
* You automate everything

Conditions and benefits

We could go on about offering 'above average' salaries and lots of fancy benefits, but it is probably more fun to do this together with you in a conversation. We of course offer a very competitive salary and a annual bonus, but there are a few things that you do not normally find at your average Dutch 'werkgever'. Here's a taste:
* 3 Day Weekends
* Pimp your workstation budget
* Study / Training / Conference attendance budget
* Company Bike (Van Moof)

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