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DevOps Engineer

Media Distillery / Amsterdam (NL)

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Job description

* you coordinate the flow of development, testing and deployment: You build it, you run it. You handle the server with your knowledge of Unix commands. You're fascinated by modern tools: Cassandra; Puppet, Terraform, Helm or Kubernetes. Do you have suggestions of other technologies or tools we can use? Bring them on!
* you automate and integrate DevOps tools and cloud platforms, providing an extremely reliable environment, free from obstacles, that can be scaled up for multiple clients. You have basic knowledge and growing interest in virtualization tools.
* for our ongoing expansion, you start to build security into the product, which is increasingly important for our bigger customers.


At Media Distillery, our mission is to help people discover relevant video content faster, for an ultimate user experience. We achieve this by developing new AI and deep learning technology to provide next-generation metadata in real-time - metadata that was previously only visible to humans., What you'll do

A day in the life of a Media Distillery DevOps Engineer:
You have your coffee with us under the big bright-colored sun umbrella at the back of the office, but what really gets you pumped to start the day is the agile meeting with our multi-functional team. Last week, you've built new automations for our Deep Content Understanding platform, making your team's process that much more efficient. Keep it up! Time for setting new goals and seeing who of us is taking the lead on what.

After this, you optimize our Elasticsearch clusters. Or maybe you share your knowledge of Kubernetes with us and plan to roll out a new product for one of our bigger customers.

Lunch time already. Healthy mind, healthy body and a healthy Cassandra cluster (NoSQL)- since you know it from inside out, it's exciting for you to take charge of automating another part of our platform- maybe with Terraform?- or you help the team synchronize data between our deployments in Chile and the Netherlands, with your insights into cloud computing.

As an afternoon break you're invited to a friendly ping pong game by one of your colleagues, so that you can spend some time for your professional development afterwards.

Who you are

The Good News is that if you were reading this far we bet you're a bit like us:
* you're excited about using our open-source tech stack
* you're a busy tech-savvy person who's all about automation and making the team's lives easier and more efficient- so we can take over even more challenges
* you strive for continuous personal and professional development every day and therefore you would use the personal training budget without any hesitation, be it for machine learning, natural language processing or else


*We're extra glad if you have a Master's degree in Computer Science or similar, experience with Cassandra (NoSQL) or System Admin experience.

Conditions and benefits

* a high-energy, highly skilled and creative team
* chance to put your own spin on our infrastructure and IT landscape
* a competitive salary with potential stock options
* personal training budget
* travel cost expenses
* flexible working hours with the possibility to work from home when needed
* 25 vacation days

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