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Full Stack Engineer (Remote)

AIconic / Amsterdam (NL)

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You are not afraid to build, test and iterate quickly and you feel strongly about good code. You have written HTML and (painfully) raw JavaScript before, and you are familiar with both. You can take whatever code exists and put it behind reliable APIs using your favorite web framework in Python. You can be process oriented when it is appropriate, but can also maintain a focus on the business objectives.

Must Have
* B.S. in Computer Science or extraordinary aptitude as a software engineer
* The ability to learn quickly and make decisions under constraints
* Excellent Python skills

Desirable Skills / Abilities / Experience
* Experience with basic machine learning concepts
* Experience with Scheme, Common Lisp, or Clojure
* Kubernetes, SQL databases, AWS + Azure concepts/experience
* Understanding of programming languages and compilers
* Soft communication skills over email and in person

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