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Machine Learning Engineer

Braincreators / Amsterdam (NL)

We are looking for an experienced Machine Learning Engineer to join us in building the machine learning backend that powers BrainMatter, the intelligent automation platform for visual asset inspection and monitoring. You will be an integral part of a small team responsible for delivering value to our end users through machine learning. As we are focused on visual asset inspection, we operate in the computer vision domain which means tasks like object detection, semantic segmentation, and anomaly detection are our bread and butter.

With access to massive proprietary datasets, a large dedicated GPU cluster, and advanced tooling to facilitate rapid experimentation, you will work on improving and scaling our ML pipelines with customer specific use cases in mind. Examples of tasks you will be faced with include building out a self-training pipeline for object detection in KubeFlow, optimizing the throughput of our real-time inference services for high resolution images, or investigating whether weakly supervised methods are applicable for customers operating in low data regimes. If any of this sounds interesting to you, read ahead! 


  • Deliver continuous improvements to our ML pipelines by identifying customer pain points and resolving them systematically
  • Rapidly prototype promising methods for our core tasks of interest and bring them to production when they demonstrate provable value
  • Improve the scalability of our ML pipelines/services 
  • Work with the product team to identify new opportunities for ML powered features
  • Contribute to internal tooling for ETL, job scheduling, experiment management, etc. to improve the ML development workflow
  • Conduct code reviews and mentor junior ML engineers

Experience and skills

  • 2-5 years of experience working as a machine learning engineer or backend engineer focused on ML systems
  • Track record of delivering value with ML in production
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in ML/AI/CS or similar 
  • Strong engineering skills in Python
  • Experience with Python ML frameworks (we use PyTorch but experience with Tensorflow is fine)
  • Familiarity with optimized ML runtimes such as TensorRT, Onnx
  • Strong product focus and passion for delivering value to end users

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