Job opening

NLP Engineer

Bookarang / Amsterdam (NL)

Bookarang is looking for an enthusiastic data scientist for NLP-related ML

Bookarang is a young technology company (scale-up) specialised in text and literature analysis and content-based book recommendations. We cooperate with all Dutch publishing houses and develop solutions for online and offline libraries and book retailers. Our goal is to inspire readers and to help them find and discover books — not on the basis of popularity or other people’s behaviour, but by using the book’s content and the reader’s personal preferences as a starting point

We're looking for people with experience in NLP to help us improve our technology. Do you want to work on a large interesting dataset with a lot of room to experiment with the latest technology in NLP, and do you share a love for books with us? Don't hesitate to contact us!

You have:

  • affinity with books and language;
  • experience with independently setting up ML systems, eg. using scikit-learn or TensorFlow;
  • experience with software development in a team; version management, testing and integration;
  • academic education level, preferably PhD

We offer:

  • fulltime job in Amsterdam;
  • small and dedicated team;
  • research-driven focus;
  • unique (literary) dataset;
  • working on products pushing the boundaries of current technology;
  • working on products driven by a cultural ideal.

We are:

  • maverick company with unique products;
  • ambitious and experienced team;
  • a growing self-funded company;
  • open and informal (but we don’t have a table tennis table).

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