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Organization Developer for the Tech Team

Samotics /  Leiden (NL)

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Job description

The role: organization developer for the tech team

The organization developer is both a member of the tech team, reporting to our CTO, and an ambassador for the org & people department with a dotted reporting line to the head of org & people. You take pride in making the tech organization thrive, with a focus on the three software development teams. You does so by championing professional development, learning and coaching in the team. The organization developer takes a leading role in perfecting the systems and structures that have been set up for this, adjusting them where needed. You show initiative in proposing well-thought-through practices to anchor professional development and learning in the tech organization, in close cooperation with the head of org & people and the CTO.

The organization developer shares HR responsibility for the software developers together with the three software leads. While the software leads are the line managers, the organization developer leads the process of gathering input for, planning and executing development talks and performance talks. You also play a key role in coaching members of the team, based on established learning needs.

The organization developer has sufficient knowledge of software engineering (most importantly, the related Agile processes) to properly support the team in their work, but will not be doing any software engineering work her- or himself. You also oversee the Agile process and, together with the software leads, work out a plan and a timeline to further engrain the full Agile process into the way the team works, depending on the pace at which the team continues to grow.

Lastly, the organization developer plays an important role in recruitment and onboarding new hires. The tech team at Samotics is constantly growing, posing a heavy recruitment burden on the software leads. The organization developer understands the specific requirements for different software vacancies and supports the software leads in screening candidates, while also working with the org & people department to continue to improve the recruitment process in order to fill the pipeline with high-quality candidates and decrease time-to-hire.

What makes you a great fit for this role

The ideal candidate has a profound interest in making teams work together effectively, and loves to coach tech professionals on skills that are not directly related to writing code. The organization developer understands the powerful role of teamwork, communication and leadership, and is passionate about keeping tech professionals engaged for the long run. You also have a sharp and analytical eye for process management under the Agile and Scrum methodologies. Not only are you able to execute diligent planning and reporting; you can also intelligently and creatively deal with process challenges, critically listen to pushback, and use the appropriate communication and influencing skills to further anchor professional development as well as Agile methodologies into our growing tech organization.

The organization developer functions well in a matrix organization with many stakeholders (CTO, software leads & team members, and head of org & people). You listen to the needs and concerns that exist in the organization and are a champion of servant leadership, while also standing your ground in situations where taking a clear stance is warranted to realize the organization's goals.


At Samotics, we develop AI-based predictive analytics for industrial machinery. Our tech organisation is of key importance to our product-and with our fast growth, enabling the tech team's success is now more important than ever. Helping the tech team thrive by improving and supporting its Agile and HR processes and coaching team members is the ideal challenge for a driven, people-focused Organization Developer with a background in software development.

About Samotics

Passionate about solving the problem of unplanned downtime, Samotics uses AI-driven electrical signature analysis to create smart predictive maintenance solutions that increase productivity and reduce energy waste while saving customers' time and money.

We serve customers such as TotalEnergies, Schiphol, Nouryon and ArcelorMittal. Our product, SAM4, leverages machine learning algorithms and IoT sensors to detect upcoming failures in critical industrial assets up to months in advance. But SAM4 does more than just prevent unplanned downtime. It also enables the world's largest and most successful industrial companies to significantly reduce energy waste.

We are a growing, energetic company where professionalism, a great atmosphere, and cutting-edge technology go hand in hand. Our team in Leiden, the Netherlands currently has 60 people and continues to grow. Some of these employees work remotely.

The tech organization at Samotics

The tech organization at Samotics consists of a software engineering team, a data science team, a monitoring & data qualification team, a head of product and a hardware architect. The software engineers work in three sub-teams: edge devices, dashboarding & integrations, and data infrastructure-each headed by a lead software engineer. Our total tech organization is currently made up of 24 FTE and counting.


In short, a great organization developer is:
* Able to think critically and analytically about talent development and communication
* Able to create clear plans to achieve tangible success on organizational topics
* A diligent and creative process leader who champions the Scrum and Agile frameworks
* A servant people leader, who can be both a neutral facilitator and an engaged coach
* Interested in, but not purely driven by software topics

...and has:
* Master's degree with good results
* 2-5 years' experience in a software environment (as developer, Scrum master, or other role)
* Plenty of experience with Agile methodologies
* Ability to navigate ambiguity by applying structure, having an analytical mindset, and demonstrating strong people skills
* Ability to function well in a matrix organization

We are not looking for:
* Someone who sees process as a goal in itself
* Someone who wants to have formal HR responsibility over a team of direct reports
* Someone who lacks the creativity and analytical vision to deal with ad hoc challenges on people or process topics

Conditions and benefits

* Flexibility to work from home up to 80% of the time*
* Option to work part time (4 days)
* Access to a wide range of learning programs
* Generous parental leave
* A brand-new, custom-designed office (with 90% recycled materials) at a three-minute walk from Leiden Central Station
* Daily fresh lunches and healthy snacks when working in the office
* The chance to work on cutting-edge technology that affects industry worldwide
* A high-performing software engineering team
* A fun and professional company culture based on the principle of freedom and responsibility

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