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Principal Software Engineer - Cloud Infrastructure

Chargebee / Amsterdam (NL)

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Job description

* Craft Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions to support platform services, large-scale microservices, and secure networking.
* Build reliable infrastructure that supports Chargebee's developers and products.
* Collaborate with other specialists, product managers, and other departments to ensure code meets internal standards.
* Deploy and manage Containers orchestration, Service mesh, API gateways, CI/CD components & Observability stack.
* Collaborate with Developers and develop abstractions for a great developer experience., * If you're interested in how subscription businesses can get more efficient.
* If you're hungry to give and receive feedback, fully understanding that challenging perspectives are the only way that you can grow.
* If you can bring empathy to problem solving.


* 8+ years of relevant work experience
* Kernel, Networking, and OS fundamentals.
* Public and Private cloud solutions (AWS, GCP, Azure)
* Distributed systems and micro-service-based architectures.
* Knowledge about CI/CD practices, Deployment patterns, and relevant toolsets.
* Practical experience with K8s, envoy, API gateway, Service Mesh
* Infrastructure as code & Configuration management with tools like Terraform, Chef, etc
* Observability practices and toolchains (Monitoring, Metrics, Logging, Alerts & Tracing)
* Programming with Python or Java.
* Cloud security / DevSecOps Practices.
* Most importantly, Learners for life and An Effective engineers!
* Bonus: Chaos & resilience engineering concepts & experience.

Good to have
* You have extended Kubernetes and/or are familiar with Kubernetes operators.
* You have built distributed solutions for configuration, monitoring, and auto-mitigation of services.
* You have knowledge about service discovery, networking security, multi-tenancy, database access, concurrency control, or cache consistency.
* You are familiar with one or more open-source projects, such as Prometheus, Grafana, ElasticSearch, Kibana, Envoy.
* You have experience mentoring junior engineers or leading projects.

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