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Responsible AI Researcher - Machine Learning in Health care

Pacmed / Amsterdam (NL)

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Job description

* implementing advanced ML experiments and contributing to improve Pacmed's products
* producing publications in collaboration with our research partners, as well as assisting in writing grant applications and research protocols
* contributing to the activities of Pacmed Labs (participating in the internal research seminar, help in supervising interns, etc)

This position offers a unique opportunity to work on results that impact products with societal relevance, while producing publishable material and studying unique datasets. The researcher will be asked to participate to different research projects, and in time also to act as supervisor for interns. For examples of our recent research, check out this, this or this paper!


About Pacmed

Pacmed strives to make healthcare a continuous learning network. All patients should receive care adjusted to their personal needs and all caretakers should learn from all decisions made within healthcare. Pacmed aims to achieve this by building and implementing decision support software based on machine learning. Our software supports intensive care doctors in their most important decisions, starting with safely and adequately discharging patients from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

How will you contribute to making health care more data-driven?
As a researcher at Pacmed Labs you directly contribute to Pacmed's mission: making healthcare more personal and precise with advanced machine learning and statistics.

In this position you will be engaging with ongoing research in medical AI and advancing our knowledge on specific areas of interest for Pacmed. Examples are:
* Uncertainty estimation: How can we detect Out-Of-Distribution data points?
* Causal Inference: What is the best way to model causal effects using observational data?
* Explainable AI: How can we improve the interpretability of our machine learning models?
* Health Technology Assessment: How can we prove that AI tools are cost-effective?
* Fair AI: How do we ensure that medical AI is fair?


We are looking for talented PhD graduates with strong technical and theoretical skills. Fluency in Python is required. You should be able to quickly up your game to match the knowledge level of our team of experienced researchers and data scientists, process complicated literature and set up experiments to validate your hypothesis., * a PhD in computer science, artificial intelligence, econometrics, applied mathematics or related fields
* experienced in applying advanced machine learning and/or advanced statistics to real-world problems
* fluent in Python and able to develop high-quality Python code
* experienced in writing scientific publications
* driven by a societal purpose and excited about improving health care
* enthusiastic about working in a dynamic start-up environment
* highly proficient in English communication skills, especially writing and giving presentations
* currently living in the EU
* available for at least 6 months

Bonus points if the candidate:
* has experience in clinical research (such as RCT planning) and/or experience with medical data
* has experience in writing grant applications

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