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Senior Cloud Engineer Senior Cloud Engineer

Promaton / Goor (NL)

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Job description

* Currently all IaC is written in Cloudformation, but you will help us migrate to either Terraform or CDK
* Metrics with Prometheus, Dashboarding in Grafana, logging in managed AWS ElasticSearch
* The applications that run on top of the infra are written in Typescript, Python and Java


* Good programming skills: we use IaC, and you need to be able to understand and potentially make small contributions to code.
* 2+ years with Kubernetes and
* 3+ years with cloud computing (AWS, GCP or Azure)
* Your mindset: open-minded, innovative, detail-oriented
* Based in a time zone between UTC-1 and UTC+3 (-2 to +2 hours Amsterdam time)
* Ability to fly in for company events 4 times a year (1 week per quarter)

Bonus points:
* Passion for machine learning
* Previous experience in a regulated environment

Conditions and benefits

Your technical expertise helps us bring our advanced deep learning algorithms to every dental practice in the world so we can increase the quality of healthcare globally. Using micro services on Kubernetes and AWS you make sure our algorithms perform well, and our data is securely transported across our platform

Promaton is changing dental healthcare by automating diagnostics and treatment workflows using AI, making healthcare more affordable and accessible for everyone. Did you know dentists miss up to 30% of pathologies on an X-Ray? We are on a mission to eliminate errors in dentistry by improving diagnostic accuracy, and automating mundane work like creating 3D models by hand from an X-Ray. See our company page to learn more about what we do., * Helping us scale our applications and infrastructure 125x what it can handle now, while making it faster and more robust. You'll do this by
+ deploying the latest security best practices to our infrastructure
+ operating and improving AWS setup using Infrastructure of Code with Terraform or CDK
+ operating and improving our Kubernetes clusters with Flux and Gitops
+ trying to squeeze as much performance out of our infrastructure as we can, to make our products fast and responsive, even though we work with large files.

Because we work with large files, and heavy deep learning workloads this is especially challenging because:
* Everything has to auto scale, to handle the load, but also reduce cost
* Because we are dealing with sensitive data, it needs to be secure
* And on top of that, it still needs to be very fast

The perks:

* Excellent employment terms
* Freedom to work from anywhere you like (and any time you like). We only have a few touch points. Not just because of Covid, we are a remote company by design, and have people working from all over Europe.
* Dedicated time for hackathons and research, to explore new ideas of your own
* Real training budget for books and conferences or anything else you need to grow.
* Work with the latest technology, on the front-end of a rapidly changing field in medical
* Loads of responsibility and autonomy, zero bureaucracy and a chance to make a real impact
* Awesome yearly company retreat, and quarterly team events.
* ️ 25 days of annual leave
* Top-notch gear, and even bigger servers to play with
* ️ Promaton is funded for many years to come, meaning you can have the impact you only get at a startup, but with the job security of an established company.
* For all international hackers: Promaton is recognized as a visa sponsor by the Dutch government

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