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Software / Data Engineer

Pacmed / Amsterdam (NL)

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Job description

You have to be eligible to work in the Netherlands (EU). We do not work with recruiters, so mails and calls from agencies are not appreciated.

About Pacmed

Pacmed strives to make healthcare a continuous learning network. All patients should receive care adjusted to their personal needs and all caretakers should learn from all decisions made within healthcare. Pacmed aims to achieve this by building and implementing decision support software based on machine learning. Our software supports intensive care doctors in their most important decisions, starting with safely and adequately discharging patients from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Pacmed aims to work with health care institutions all over Europe to collect and combine the data and implement decision support software.

How will you contribute to making health care more data-driven?

As a (Senior) Software / Data Engineer at Pacmed you will make sure that machine learning models add value to patient care in hospitals. You will have a responsible role in a multidisciplinary technical team where important aspects of your job include:
* You join at a point in time where Pacmed has just implement its first CE-certified software product in the first ICUs in the Netherlands. You will have an essential role in implementing that product in Intensive Care Units Europe-wide.
* You get the chance to further develop the product from a single use case in the Intensive Care Unit to a full-on product suite that enables AI-driven healthcare in the hospital, designing and implementing novel modules and components
* Given that your software is used in critical environments, it's up to you to create code that is reliable, scalable and extensible, including state-of-the-art (big) data pipelines and software monitoring
* You are expected to lead the way within the technical team to ensure professional software development for responsible implementation of AI in healthcare

Why is Pacmed a great place to work?
* The opportunity to work in an innovative scale up on a societal mission
* Implementing software in healthcare means interesting and advanced engineering challenges in an environment where quality matters
* Pacmed embraces diversity and equal opportunity. We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives and skills, regardless of race, sexual orientation, age, ability to work, sex and gender
* A lot of opportunity for personal development (e.g. development Fridays, soft skills training, budget for online courses, visiting conferences).
* A young, talented team dedicated to help each other grow through teamwork and collaboration in a culture where everyone is respected and heard.
* You get the opportunity to grow with the company into a role with many responsibilities (e.g. training and mentoring junior engineers).
* You work together within a vibrant community of experienced data engineers & data scientists and leading technical and medical academics, continuously pushing the field forward through innovation.
* You work in an environment where we continuously ensure that our software is of production-level quality through development standards, code review and unit- and integration testing.
* The opportunity to become part of Pacmed's employee participation plan.
* A dynamic working environment where fun at work is very important.
* An office at the FreedomLab campus, including unlimited coffee & snacks, Friday drinks, social events and a great location in the heart of Amsterdam


* You are a team player that creates positive energy and cares about the well-being and development of others in the company.
* You have extensive experience with building and deploying software products to end users
* You have thorough knowledge on object-oriented, scalable, maintainable software design
* You do not shy away from databases and data engineering pipelines and are willing to get your hands dirty
* You have basic knowledge of Machine Learning
* You are fluent in Python

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