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(Team) Lead Platform Engineer

Aidence / Amsterdam (NL)

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Job description

Responsible for the entire Cloud Infrastructure and Development Experience ecosystem, including Security Operations. Be a DevOps culture ambassador in the organization.
* Lead an agile team of Production and Site Reliability Engineers
* Act as interface with the product development teams to collect requirements, manage the backlog and help to influence the product roadmap
* Design, automate, build and operate our hybrid platform infrastructure
* Design and implement our continuous integration and deployment pipelines
* Design, implement and support the collection, aggregation and monitoring of the event logs and metrics
* Maintain the monitoring and alerting of the systems and components, help product teams to set SLOs and alerting
* Work closely with the Product Development Teams to improve the deployment process
* Work together with the Service Teams to improve the operational process
* Maintain the security compliance at the requested level
* Facilitate the release management
* Analyze development processes and help automate them
* Monitor cloud costs and work with the Engineering leadership to reduce them


At Aidence we bring together the brightest artificial intelligence scientists, software engineers, medical and regulatory specialists and industry experts to shape tomorrow's healthcare. Our ambition is to help physicians incorporate AI into clinical practice to deliver outstanding care to their patients. We are currently developing a suite of AI clinical applications for the automatic analysis of medical images. Our first solution focuses on the early detection of lung cancer and heart disease using cutting edge deep learning algorithms.

Aidence is one of the first in the world to commercialise AI-based imaging diagnostics with active installations in multiple European countries and the first steps being made to enter the US market. Aidence is backed by a consortium of local and international top-tier VC's.

In five years Aidence has grown to an international team of 50 highly motivated and purpose-driven people with different backgrounds, and personalities. We work closely together to achieve our common goal to transform the oncology pathway using AI. In the first years, our main focus was on building the product. With the new investments we recently received, we are able to further commercialise and deploy our solutions in the healthcare market. This brings a new dynamic within the team, with commercial people working alongside the development team.


Are you a team player, humble and passionate about our purpose? Do you feel excited about being part of a fast-growing start-up that is making a real difference in healthcare?, * Several years of experience being hands-on as a software developer, production engineer, system engineer, or site reliability engineer with on-call responsibilities
* Experience leading a team of 5-7 people.
* Ability to collaborate on roadmaps with Product Managers and other Engineering Leads to ensure that the team has clear direction and priorities.
* Prior experience in designing, deploying and scaling production environments either on-prem or cloud
* Experience with establishing SLOs, Monitoring and Alerting (Familiarity with ELK Stack is strongly preferred)
* Experience setting up on-call and incident management processes
* Experience with running & deploying applications on Kubernetes
* Experience programming/scripting skills (Go, Python preferred)
* Knowledge of cloud infrastructure principles (load balancing, high availability, server-based and serverless architecture, database configurations) and cloud performance
* Proven experience with IaaC, terraform, or similar technologies
* Experience with CI/CD pipeline builders such as GitLab runners or similar
* Knowledge of Security and Disaster Recovery best practices
* Fluent in written and spoken English, * An empathetic leader that can balance compassion, empathy and high standards for delivery and behavior
* System thinking and the ability to connect the work of the team to the bigger picture
* Experience with networking not limited to the OSI model, routing, VPC, subnets, DHCP, DNS, Firewalls and NAT
* Experience with GitOps and TDD
* Familiarity with toolings like Ansible and Packer
* Familiarity with the software development process
* Analytic ability to determine the root cause of software problems and create a clear, reproducible issue report
* Experience in DevOps and agile workflows
* Experience in collaboration, mediation and problem solving
* Experience with Design Architecture of Cloud-native solutions
* Desire to improve process and product
* Ability to manage expectations and effectively communicate with all relevant stakeholders
* Potential to collaborate within a multidisciplinary setting, but is also capable of- and experienced enough to work autonomously

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