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Tech Lead

Withthegrid /  remote

About Withthegrid

Withthegrid works on addressing one of the humanities' most significant challenges ahead: delivering a sustainable energy system. To achieve this, we need resilient and future-proof energy infrastructure. That is where Withthegrid comes in! We are building an IoT asset monitoring platform for critical energy infrastructure.


We serve energy infrastructure owners such as Eneco, Stedin, Westland Infra, and NAM/Shell with our cloud-based asset monitoring platform. IoT sensors and other customer-owned systems connect to the platform and generate asset condition data. Our application detects anomalies and improves maintenance processes through alerts with an easy-to-use UI. Our customers benefit from longer infrastructure lifetime, lower downtime, and lower costs.

We are a growing company where we focus on solving our customers' challenges by using the latest technology. Our team has a hybrid structure with colleagues working remotely and others coming to our Utrecht or Amsterdam office. 


About the job 

As the Tech Lead you will be leading the team that delivers the core product of Withthegrid: an asset monitoring platform for energy infrastructure. You’ll be working closely together with backend developers, frontend developers, machine learning engineers. This will give you the challenges and opportunities to apply your problem-solving skills whilst at the same time giving room to your creativity and ideas. All this is in a dynamic and high paced environment of a startup company. 


Our UI is written in TypeScript and based on Vue with Material Design from Vuetify. We use MapBox GL JS for mapping capabilities and hardcore D3 to create graphs. 

Our backend is written in TypeScript and run by NodeJS. Data is stored in AWS S3 and AWS RDS. We take security very seriously; all data is encrypted at rest (AES256), apply daily backups and we use TLS and DTLS encryption.

We have developed an Mbed based SDK to communicate directly from IoT devices with our backend. We have open sourced this and are actively contributing to the community. 


What you'll do

  • You will be responsible for leading the development of the asset monitoring platform. This means developing the product roadmap together with management and input from customers and implementing that with the development team.  
  • You will help to maintain our edge by staying up to date with software development best practices.  


What we're looking for?

This is a position for a software developer with at least 7 years of excellent coding experience while having direct reports. You are the person we are looking for, if you:

  • Are curious
  • Are able to deliver a roadmap with a team of developers reporting to you
  • Are fluent in TypeScript, SQL and have more than basic skills in Vue, CSS and HTML 
  • Write composable, readable, testable and efficient code
  • Can discuss and deal with the complexities of database migrations
  • Can appreciate good design and have more than basic skills in creating them on your own
  • Can solve challenges like how to provide the UI with input for a time series graph with 5 years’ worth of hourly data points within 200ms
  • Released at least 5 applications into the wild (references and/ or links to are highly appreciated).
  • Love to work in a team, share your knowledge and learn from others


How we work

Our growing team works closely together. We always start with a 0900 virtual standup with the team. In this way, everybody is aware of what other team members are doing, and people can help each other where needed.

You will be coached by team members who have a background in management consulting. Structured feedback to make you a better professional is part of the deal.

We work based on trust and expect you to take responsibility for your work and your deadlines. Together we pride ourselves on our quality of work, consistency, and willingness to help each other. 


What we offer?

  • Competitive salary with an equity stake in the company (SAR)
  • Good employee conditions (pension pay, vacation days, sick pay, bring-your-own device reimbursement, travel costs reimbursement)
  • The chance to apply your skills to one of the biggest challenges humanity currently faces
  • A fun, inspiring, and challenging work environment
  • A growing team led by experienced entrepreneurs and managers with a good track record of supporting you in your personal development