AI & Data Science for a sustainable future

PwC / online

17 June 2021

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On June 17th we are back with another meetup hosted by AIgents & PwC. At this online meetup we will talk you through several use cases where AI/ Machine Learning is applied for the benefit of our planet.

At our meetups, corporates, scale-ups & startups are sharing deep technical insights, learnings and best practices on how they apply Machine Learning within their products and businesses.


Melissa Chardet - UX Design manager at PwC - and Henk Jan Faber - Senior Software Developer - will talk about how Data Science is being used to empower and inspire people to make more sustainable choices.

Arjen Vrielink - Director at Satelligence - will talk about how Machine Learning & Deep Learning are being used to classify satellite images to monitor deforestation.

Otte Fabuis – R&D Software Engineer at Sobolt - will talk about how they are applying Computer Vision to achieve more sustainable use of materials for infrastructural objects.

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