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You're knee deep in learning Python programming. The syntax is starting to make sense. The first few ahh-ha! moments hit you as you learn to use conditional statements, forloops and classes while coding with the open source libraries that make Python such anamazing programming ecosystem.

Now you want to take your initial Python knowledge and make something real, like a web application to show off to friends or sell as a service to customers. That's where Full Stack Python comes in. You have come to the right place to learn everything you need to create,deploy and operate Python-powered applications.

Full Stack Python is an open source book that explains technical concepts in plain language. Read everything online for free or purchase the Supporter's Edition for nicely-formatted ebook (PDF, EPUB, MOBI) versions. This guide branches out on topic because your learning requirements depend on what you're working on. Choose a topic from the links below or view the full table of contents to see even more subjects you can learn.

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