Automating financial docs processing and merging.

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23 September 2021

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Automating financial docs processing and merging: the Analyticshub & UbiOps

Are parts of your work repetitive? What if you can save hours every week on tasks that should be automated but are not?

We would like to invite you to the next Use Case Webinar, together with William Groeneveld who built the “Analyticshub”.
Tailor-made automation scripts for you and your business, and available 24/7 for you to use. This could range from simple merging scripts to more advanced machine learning on your data and documents. The code runs on UbiOps, which takes care of serving and hosting the code.

In under 30 minutes, you’ll find out if the Analyticshub can save you time, and what value it can add to your business. Moreover, you’ll get a brief understanding of what UbiOps does in the background and how it can be applied to other use cases.
The webinar is pre-recorded for quality purposes, and the last 10-20 minutes are reserved for your questions.

The webinar is open to everyone, so don’t forget to add it to your calendar. See you there!

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