Dutch Analytics & Sobolt : AI in Asset Management

Dutch Analytics /  online

23 September 2020 - 24 September 2020

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Dutch Analytics | Raoul Fasel + Enrique Gutiérrez | Predicting Maintenance using IoT

Having lots of domain knowledge in asset management, Dutch Analytics will present their latest client case with Asset Rail. Asset Rail wanted to monitor over 500 switches and more than[masked] flips of the Dutch railroads. They used time-series data and different models, such as regression models and neural networks, but needed support from Dutch Analytics to monitor and deploy their models quickly and effectively.

In this webinar, Dutch Analytics will talk through how their clients developed, deployed, and managed their machine learning models. Moreover, they will elaborate on their platform and how other companies and data scientists can benefit from it.

Dutch Analytics kick-started in 2016 as a data science company specializing in predictive maintenance for asset management, Dutch Analytics now focuses on helping companies bring their models to production.

Raoul is an experienced Data Scientist and DevOps specialist. At Dutch Analytics, Raoul is responsible for improving technological processes and providing suitable technical support to our clients. Throughout his career, Raoul has founded and worked at multiple start-ups, which gives him a broad overview of the latest solutions in the field of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Enrique Gutiérrez is a data scientist with Asset Rail. With a background in mechanical engineering at TU Delft and a strong background in developing data-driven solutions for predictive maintenance cases, Enrique is the go-to person when it comes to data science in asset management.


Sobolt | Otto Fabius | Inspecting public infrastructure with remote sensing and AI

Modern technologies allow us to measure our surroundings with ever-increasing frequency, accuracy, and completeness. Using the latest techniques in Artificial Intelligence, we can sift through piles of available data quickly and accurately. This enables a host of novel monitoring and inspection workflows. We will discuss bridge inspections, tree maintenance as practical applications in this domain, as well as challenges in digital infrastructure that arise with these approaches.

Otto has a background in Computer Vision and Deep learning and is head of AI at Sobolt. At Sobolt he is responsible for technical developments in tree monitoring with LIDAR point clouds and nature monitoring with remote sensing.



Let's discuss the challenges in digital infrastructure, real-life cases, and continue the conversation or connect with our community in a virtual room.

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