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Free learning resources for
Data Science, Machine Learning, and Python.

The internet is full of learning resources. Paid courses, tutorials and blogs covered with ads or hidden behind paywalls. But when you search carefully, you’ll notice that some of the best resources are completely free.

We searched the internet to find these hidden gems and collected thousands of the best free and open learning resources. We put them all in a database, and build a search engine on top of it.

🗂 Organize

You can bookmark your favorite resources, mark articles as complete and add study notes. Use the 'Find similar' feature and we'll show you articles that are complementary to the one that you’re reading. Works like a charm!

📚 Collections

You can combine different resources (articles, tutorials, and even complete books) into public or private collections. Choose a topic that you’re passionate about and create your first learning collection.

🔀 Roadmaps

With thousands of learning resources at your fingertips it's not always easy to find your way or even to know where to start. No worries! With our clickable roadmaps you easily navigate through all the subjects you should study and the technologies that you would want to adopt to become a Data Scientist or Machine Learning Engineer.

📗 Study Circles

Self-teaching doesn’t mean you are on your own. Anyone can start or join a study circle. A study circle is like a sub-community focused on a specific topic (‘Neural Networks’) or goal (‘Becoming a ML Engineer’). This is where you can ask questions, discuss learning resources, and help each other to level up.

❤️ purpose

Our goal is to give people the right tools, content and guidance to learn Data Science by themselves or with the support of a community. No matter where you live and what your background is.

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